IoDLT October / Early November Progress Update

IoDLT October / Early November Progress Update

Hey NEM Community, Bader from IoDLT here!

We are pleased to present our brief November update. This month, we successfully completed a webinar with the NEM Group, where Bader was a guest speaker. We also worked on our tech stack, including developing some useful core tools / scripts. We are also close to closing with two clients in the next month.

We’ve also focused on reducing monthly expenses. To have more financial flexibility and to extend our runway, IoDLT’s payroll was significantly reduced as a temporary measure.

Tech Progress

We’ve rehauled our Github, where we archived / privated old repos, created new ones, and updated any to be compatible with the testnet. Keep in mind it is a WIP, but a great step to ensuring more tools for Symbol are available. See below on the specifies of what we updated / added:

Our Ionic template for Symbol got an update. This streamlines hybrid, mobile app development (something we do internally at IoDLT) and is available for anyone to use:

Our concept secret sharing library that shards Symbol keys also got an update. We’re planning a few fancy features with Symbol multisig for secret sharing on-chain:

We’re working on a single-currency, zero fee (a “pure utility network”) preset to be used with symbol-bootstrap. It’s currently on private but will be opensourced.

We have a custom docker image that is compatible with symbol-bootstrap. This essentially means that we can create custom versions of catapult-server and use them with symbol-bootstrap presets (such as Storj backups):

We have started an Ansible deployment strategy for Symbol nodes, using symbol-bootstrap to streamline the config and start, stop, or configure multiple nodes with one line. You may find it here:

Using our tools we’re working on updating our testnet as well - however we’ve hit a few snags, but we’ll have it up sometime in the next month. We’ll most likely be featuring Storj backups as a natural part of the stack.

There is more work happening with updating and polishing the ants-sdk, in general getting it ready for client and testnet usage.

We’re working on migrating Axon fully to Rust - including a potential Symbol Rust SDK. It’s still in the planning stages, but this looks to be the next steps for Axon for ensuring its robustness as an IoT solution.

Sales / Partnerships progress

We’re still in talks with several companies on some exciting Symbol integrations in the near future. We hope to close a couple more contracts by the end of the year.

Articles, PR, and Other

We have a good draft for our video on Tesla and nickel mining. It’s new territory for us - however we are proud of what we have so far. It caters to a wider audience than our articles. Such videos won’t replace them, rather provide a concise and less technical format for a wider audience. It also introduces Symbol as a flexible and practical DLT solution for businesses. We plan on interviewing various members of the community for these videos. We think this will bring the credibility of our content to the next level.

We’ve successfully participated in a webinar on Asset Tokenization, where Bader was a panelist. He demonstrated how Symbol was a robust contender for asset tokenization. We would love to do more of these in the future!

We’re extremely grateful for the continuous support from the community, and


Thank you for your efforts for the community.
I will always remember your hard work.