IoDLT September/Early October Progress Update

IoDLT September/Early October Community Update

Hey NEM Community, Bader from IoDLT here!

We are pleased to present our brief (belated, it’s been rather busy around here!) September-early October update. This month has marked significant progress in partnerships, as well as our submission to an independent Federal Agency. We also have new contracts in the works with several clients, along with two more partnerships in the works. It’s been an exciting month in terms of company and business development at IoDLT!

Tech Progress

We are currently in the process of retooling our tools and SDKs to be compliant with the latest testnet, including our PoC ANT$ protocol. These will be added to the official IoDLT github for Symbol testnet use!

We are planning to update our devnet to accommodate the latest catapult-server with finalization.

We also plan to officially merge the Storj changes to the main branch of our devnet, so that backups are a natural part of our stack, including storing MongoDB finalization state.

We expect Axon and the IoT node to see some updates this month to go along with these updates.

Pilot Progress

We successfully have wrapped up our first PoC with Storj, which gathered good attention and set the stage for future collaboration. There is potential that we may collaborate with NEM Group + Storj on more solutions in the future.

Sales / Partnerships Progress

We have three potential clients, two of which we are very close to closing - details will come as progress is made on this!

Articles, PR, and Other

Our articles with Storj both got released with good PR coverage and feedback from the wider community. You may find Storj’s version here and our version here.

We participated in an exciting interview with Dan Bobby, Dave H, and Storj’s Kevin Leffew to further educate the community about the synergies between Storj, Symbol, and IoDLT. This discussion paved the way for more involved integrations with Storj and Symbol. Which you can find here.

We have successfully submitted an ANT$’s proposal to an independent Federal Agency. We believe that we have a strong submission for a very innovative solution for data aggregation and monetization using Symbol. Symbol and its features were an integral part of the submission.

We’re working on our article addressing Tesla’s Elon Musk calling for environmentally-friendly and sustainable nickel mining. We will demonstrate how Symbol and IoDLT can help streamline environmentally responsible mining. We also plan to create a compelling, exciting, and simplified video version of this article that will be easily understood by a wider audience.

As we contemplate our Kickstarter campaign, we see potential collaboration and synergies with multiple stakeholders in the NEM ecosystem. We hope it will “kickstart” Symbol as the first (and mainstream) choice for startups to utilize for a wide variety of DLT applications.


Everyone has worked hard.