iOS Wallet Problem

Hello, my friend can’t withdraw his xems. Can someone help me to resolve this?


  1. did you restored application from Apple (itunes or icloud) backup? This is common reason of such problems because Apple backup doesn’t contain private key.
  2. Have you private key backup?
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I’m sorry to intrude upon this discussion, but I’m new to this forum, and suddenly I cannot access the tokens on my NEM Wallet, version 11.4 Build 5. Whenever I try to open an account, I get this error message in red: “Lost Connection.” Please advise.

Try change node you are using.
On accounts view, click tools icon, next servers and try another one.

День добрый.У меня такая же проблема.Меняю сервер,но все равно меня выкидывает из кошельки.Или пишет нет доступа к интернету или заходит в кошелек на 1 секунду и выкидывает.

Are you using firewall or VPN? Something because of that port 7890 is blocked. This could be reason.