iPhone NEM Wallet crashes when export account

I recently had to restore my iPhone as per recommendation of the Genius Bar.
My iPhone is restored using icloud backup.

NEM wallet app seems to be working correctly.(I can see the balance of accounts)
Then I made new wallet in iOS app, and I send 100k NEM to that new wallet from exchange account.
I can see 100K NEM in new wallet, however i got a error message “Failure. Signature is not verifiable” when I tried to withdraw from new account.
In addition to that, the app crashes when I tried to export private key of this new account.

(Don’t need to care about other old account because I have .wlt file that contains other old account’s private keys)

What should I do to help my 100k NEM?

I’m afraid your coins are lost if you don’t have private key backup. Restoring from Apple backup don’t restore informations about private keys stored in keychain.

You can restore access to funds if you have private key backup. Please let me know if you have it. I will instruct You how to restore access to wallet.

Thank you for your quick reply.

Please let me confirm, The private key you mentioned is different from the password that is used when I login to the iPhone NEM wallet?

I probably have the private key.
Could you teach me how to restore access?

Best regards,

Private key is 64/66 length alphanumerical.

You can restore on desktop wallet (nem.io/downloads).
Sign up > Private key wallet option. Choose mainnet, put new wallet name and password and provide private key from backup. You should create wallet with same address as old wallet.

On mobile wallet use option create wallet > enter key

I’m afraid I don’t know the private key for new account that is created on my new iPhone.
It is because the app didn’t show the private key when the new account is created.

In order to know the private key, I think I have to >export account on my app.
However, the function doesn’t work because the app crashes.
(I have all private key for old wallet and I cloud restore those wallet using the method you mentioned.)

I know the old wallet’s private keys on my new iPhone is broken, however how about private key of new wallet that is created on new iPhone?
In my opinion, the app must have private key for new wallet because the private key is generated on new iPhone.
Is there any method to get private key of new account created on new iPhone?

Do you have two wallets:

  • old one - where have you correct peivate keys
  • new one - where you don’t have keys

Funds are only on old one or also on new?

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I have two wallet, and funds are only on new one.
In addition that, old one and new one is completely different wallet.

After I got new iPhone that is restored from icloud backup, I create new wallet in the iOS wallet app. I’d like to get the private key of this new wallet.

Let me get this straight.
Please forget my old wallets.

  • I got new iPhone and All data is restored from iCloud backup. (Old phone is already initialized)
  • I created new wallet that is named “new nem wallet” on my new iPhone.
  • I send 100k NEM to that new wallet from my exchange account.
  • the balance of “new nem wallet” is updated to 100k, and I can see it on my mobile wallet app.
  • However, I got an error message “Failure. Signature is not verifiable” when I try to send NEM from my “new nem wallet”
  • I also tried to export the private key of “new nem wallet”, but the app crashes when I tried to export private key.

In my understanding, the app probably have private key for “new nem wallet” because the private key is generated on new iPhone.
Any methods to get my private key?

Yes. I undestand your situation. Unfortunatelly I’m not Apple specialist. My guess is that data are in some way are corrupted.

Maybe old (empty) wallet is causing this problem and removing it will fix problem? But please do only on your risk. You can do it on accounts view.

Maybe someone else has idea.

Thank you CryptoBeliever.

As you suggested, I delete all old wallet from accounts view. But the app crashes when I try to export account.

I will pay 10k NEM (1/10 of my balance) for honorarium reward of this problem.
Please help me…

I just import old wallet to new iPhone using prvate key.
However, the imported wallet doesn’t work as same as new wallet created on the phone.(it crashes when I try to export)

Face auth is enabled on my phone. Does it cause this issue? I’m worried about I will lost the acees of my mobile wallet when I try to make face auth disable.