Hello, i have problem with withdraw: “Failure. Signature is not verifiable”
I can’t find my private key, but i still have access to my wallet.
When i try to “Export account” app is crush.
Please help me, i worry about my 25K XEM.

Did you restore app from backup (itunes/icloud)? This can cause this problem because apple backups by default doesn’t contain keychain data where private key is stored.

Please make sure if you don’t have your private key backup. On paper or on other device.

When buying a new iPhone, I first installed a wallet and checked my balance. After that, I erased the old iPhone.
But I have access to my wallet, I see balance and all transactions. I can confirm all the data. Perhaps you can fix the application so I can make an “Export Account” and find out my key?

Are you sure you didn’t do backup of your private key? I’m afraid without this it will be not possible to restore it.
@thomasoehri, @mizunashi?

First of all, you use the iPhone wallet for the first time.
The backup of the private key is displayed with the warning message first when it is introduced.

If you are saving the displayed secret key, there is nothing wrong with doing version upgrade, malfunction of the mobile phone, replacement, etc.

For the next iPhone Wallet, the screen for instant backup will be displayed periodically.


Access isn’t the problem - I have the password and can enter my wallet, I can see my balance and all my past transactions. In the past, I never needed a private key to make a withdrawal. This is exactly what I am trying to do now, but this time it isn’t working.

I understand that a private key may be required if, for whatever reason, I cannot access my account, but in this case it isn’t that, I have the access. However, your software simply won’t allow me to withdraw.

I do not remember being told when I registered the wallet that a private key would be required for withdrawal purposes.

Can you please assist me with this issue.


To: @thomasoehri
Please tell @xxxnikxxx what to do.



Can you assist please?

Many thanks!


I still have not heard from @thomasoehri or anyone else regarding my issue.

Can you please help me to resolve this?

Many thanks!

Why am I being ignored here?

When upgrading to a new iPhone, the secret key data was broken, so if you try to access the private key now, the wallet ends with an error.

The facts are like this.

It means that this problem occurred due to model change.
Mobile Wallet will not be guaranteed after upgrading unless the private key is backed up in advance.
Therefore, when installing for the first time(old iPhone), it will be displayed to back up the secret key.

Current situation, you can not access assets in situations where the secret key is lost.
However, it is possible to restore the lost secret key only if there is the next backup.

  • If you backed up with encryption option on in iTunes backup (non default)
  • When setting up to include keychain in backup in iCloud backup (non default)

@thomasoehri knows how to restore from these backups.
He knows only because it is a special way.

Essentially, mobile wallets and desktop wallets are necessarily backed up once created.


Hi, have this exact same problem. I don’t have the backup of the private key anymore, but I can still see my coins (unable to send them though). How can I restore using that special method?

If you have created a new private key, you should receive a message asking you to back it up immediately.
If you have not backed up your private key, you will lose access to your assets.
If you can contact @thomasoehri , the developer, there is a chance that you can restore your iPhone’s backup.

@CryptoBeliever , please make sure that we are okay with this solution.

Without private key backup I’m afraid it will be not possible.
Maybe there is a way to do it if you know how iphone storage works but I’m afraid I can’t help here. Did you restored your app from icloud/itunes backup?

iCloud backup. So there might be a solution knowing the iPhone storage?

@mizunashi, it seems that @thomasoehri was last seen online over two years ago. Is he still here with us? (Seen Jun 7, '18)

I don’t know how to rescue the private key in any specific technical way.

Currently, if you can’t get in touch with the developer, it is impossible to recover the private key.

This recovery method is just a special (exception) method.

If you have not written down your private key separately when you generated it, please give up on recovering your funds.

Thank you for your cooperation.