Is a "Bull Run" a realistic expectation?

So I see people on media talking about the “Bull Run”, I have even used such terms as “going to take off” , etc.

But getting to the point. We all know last year was the year of heavy speculation,there was new money made and money lost on a daily basis.
We also seen a great “Bull Run”, reaching heights around Dec 2017 - Jan 2018.

In my Telegram posts many times I made the observation that “The Spike” was too skinny, it had no distance, no meat under the curve.

Looking back it appears I was correct as that price spike plummeted even quicker than it rose, (nothing holding it up).

So are we realistic to expect a Q3, Q4 spike and expect that spike to hold us?

With the current price it is great buying time if you think it is a good investment (and yes I really do believe that, if you ever missed out on reaching yr 11k xem for harvest then this is the time to get in).

Though should long term buyers/holders take into account that a massive Bull Run after these lows will only be short term before another sell off continues? And yes profits will be made yet long term holders may see little returns due to the nature of the market at present.

I am no expert though I do know that sharp spikes in many types of graphs/systems usually indicate instability.

So are we all waiting to return from instability with more instability?