Is a Message ID essential when using Changelly?


I am having a nightmare with Changelly today. I sent LTC from my Ledger cold wallet in exchange for XEM. In the Message space I wrote ‘Top Up’. They are now insisting on a message ID and the word ‘Top Up’ is obviously not what they are expecting to see. I sent the LTC over 13 hours ago and the transaction is floating around on the blockchain as uncompleted. I have provided everything they asked for except this Message ID.

If they send the XEM without a MESSAGE ID will it effect the security of the transaction as it is going direct to my NEW desktop wallet?

I read in forum dating back to 2017/18 that a Message ID may not be required if it is not coming from/to a main exchange like Binance but Changelly are unable to cancel the transaction and return the LTC and they won’t send me the XEM without the Message ID or me saying to send it without. They have told me to talk to the NEW wallet support.

I am using official NEM desktop wallet V2.4.8 and sent the LTC direct via Ledger Live.
Please please please help - I am going totally crazy here :crazy_face:
Thank you so much

If you are using an official wallet message is not required at all (only correct address). The message is only required when you sending it to exchange.

If they insist you can make up something like 837483748
Their support looks less qualified these days…

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Thank you so much @CryptoBeliever you are a OG legend :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

The Chagelly people said they would tell the ‘team’ so watch this space …
I will post an update if they send the NEM through without further drama.

As you said they are not the quickest - they were asking me for information that did not relate to XEM it turns out. One was an email asking me for Destination ID reference which, when I questioned it, they concluded was actually only relevant to XRP transfers. Then they asked me for something else which they said was in the transaction data but I could not find it anywhere, then when I told them I could not find it, the next person who came on to chat said, Oh I see Gloria misled you with wrong information request! They really are not at all well organised considering how long they have been in the space! I had to deal with Kucoin support a few months ago and they were much more switched on.

Following the excellent advice provided by @CryptoBeliever :sunglasses: I told Changelly Support that the Message ID was NOT required in this case as it was going direct to a private wallet and not an exchange- they then agreed to process the transaction and my missing NEM arrived in my wallet within about 25 minutes of my sending the last message. I literally wasted about 8 hours emailing and chatting to support people trying to find a non-existent Message ID and to finally convince them that it was not required, in the meantime, the market was going against me - madness!

Hope reading this thread will help someone who suffers a similar discussion with Changelly.

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