Is binance supporting XYM and NEM

Is Binance supporting XYM?

At the momemt it is not officially supported, but my opinion is, it will be supported. If they will support it they let us know by an announcement.

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So is it kinda risky for the XYM and NEM market price, to not have at least obtaiend an offial position from Biance as they are a majour exchange.

I mean they could be left wiht NEM, and scratching thier head where the volume went and value.

I think they should be reached out to at the highest levels.

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Binance probably wants 10% of the token supply to list.

I don’t know they have listed NEM.

Look here:


Binance stakes NEM

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Yes but will they support XYM?

I tired the stakeing very good interface, but its full up!

It seems to give areally good return