Is it possible to contact the team behind Pundi X NEM?

Hi there. I’ve been following the crypto world for around 6 years as a casual observer at first, slowly developing into an active trader.

Unlike most, I don’t base my trades on market performance, but rather on initial research, and then refine it based on prolonged research.

My initial scan of the situation surrounding Pundi X NEM has resulted in some rather unique observations and thus, opportunities.

I’d really love the chance to discuss some of the things that I’ve noticed with someone from the team, although I imagine they’re exceptionally busy almost all of the time. In the mean time, I’ve asked an exchange I use to list this one, as they already do XEM and Pundi X. I hope they go ahead and make it accessible here in Australia, but in the long run, I’d really love to discuss the extremely promising future that Pundi X and NEM seem to have, based on the tech, social and political landscape that they’ve entered into.

And to think… I stumbled upon this when checking for alternative tech to ethereum, in the hopes to hedge my investments for an unknown future.

With Kind Regards, and well wishes.


You could try here:

I found this on their website :
Also they have other social channels mentioned on the bottom of the page
through which you could try contact them.

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Thanks for this! I wasn’t sure where the start point would be, as it seems to be a co-operative venture!

What do you think of the project pundi x?? I have a few thousand npxsxem and I think they are giving many turns and few solutions to investors, this may end well?

I would like to buy npxsxem, but it’s not listed on any exchange that I can find that I have access to.

I haven’t looked super hard, but considering I work with in a small budget, I’m waiting for some movement on some of my selections to free up a bit of working room.

If I COULD, I’d drop about 300 AUD on it today, and pocket them away for a few years in hopes of taking a holiday in the future. A VERY good holiday at that.

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I’ll still have to wait til something in my portfolio makes a positive move and frees up some space. I can’t be adding FIAT at this moment, and I don’t want to force trade on things I have spent time researching and selecting for their potential. This coin is definitely my next to buy tho.

i have been in this project for some time and see too many disagreements between the community and the subject of ico, fork, etc. i am confused about its promising future

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NEM, or the collaboration of NEM and Pundi X?

pundi x

The political landscape is pretty open to the joint venture at the least, that’s more than can be said about many crypto solutions currently available :slight_smile:

I’ve quite positive about the future of the combined venture, more so than pundi x as a solo thing.

Thanks for asking and hope Pundi X reverts to you. NEM has been partners with Pundi X at major events like the Singapore FinTech Festival and Consensus in New York.

See that you are based in the land down under! There is also a NEM Australia presence if you are keen to connect with the team here, would be happy to do so (I am part of the team in Melbourne). A bit more about the progress made here -

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I have a few hundred thousand npxs xem and I’m baffled with the swap and fx and everything new they want to do now. What do you recommend me to do? I have the tokens in my Nem wallet. Thanks @jason.lee

@RunningWithRandoms this markets when u can buy npxsxem

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Don’t know much about this sorry. But I would like to learn. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interest @sharlon33, do keep looking up and you can find out more about Pundi X here -

I would say it seems promising that they have accelerated their distribution schedule. Once they’ve stopped the distribution to existing tokenholders, that could open up their expansion elsewhere into more highly regulated markets.