Is it possible to create p2p exchange of Mosaics on NEM?


Is it possible to do this?
Or might it be in the future like Byteball?

Cheers Mark


@CryptoBeliever Do you know any services where I can exchange any nem mosaic to other crypto (p2p or centralized, whatever)?

use case: I created mosaic equal to USD (xUSD). Now I found a guy that need this my mosaic and have BTC. But he do not want to send me BTC, without getting my xUSD. I also do not want to send my xUSD without getting BTC. So we need a service to swop. Any advice?

There is not yet mosaics exchange. But it should be soon I guess.

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Only way to do that securely is to use the escrow services.

I am doing those kind of things when the volume exceeds 1000$ (I am busy) and there is also another reliable escrow on NEM mosaics, “Ineff”.

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Hi, check this:

At the beginning there will not be possible to exchange btc/eth into mosaic, only xem, but in the future i’ll consider it.

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@Walkie101 thank you a lot for this link. XEM <-> NEM:mosaic it’s enough for now for my purposes. The only question now - will your service start work before we go live or not) Do you have any planned release date?

@tongokongo Thanks, do you have links to exact services could help with exchanging once NEM:mosaic to another NEM:mosaic or even better to BTC/ETH/etc ? “Ineff” is the name of one of such services? Unable to find related info, sorry

I think now I’m couple of days before open beta, then if everything will go without major issues - change to mainnet. I hope it’ll be end of jan/beginning of feb

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