Is it possible to make a SteemIt-like project on NEM?

STEEM is a blockchain, social network, that pays users for theri content. So far, so good.
What’s really great about Steem is - a website that makes the usage of the blockchain as simple as using Facebook (or more like ReadIt).

Some of the unique features of STEEM and STEEMIT.

  • People whose posts become popular get money for the post. (But they don’t have to put money to make the post.)
  • People don’t pay transaction fees when adding transactions to the blockchain (operations like post, comment, like, share, send money, follow user, edit own profile, etc…)
  • public addresses are simple to remember - they are like normal usernames.
  • Post rewards are distributed piece by piece to many many people, without any transfer fees (except if the fees are hidden…)

I believe that some (if not all) of these features are needed for a seamless user interface of a blockchain (Like is for STEEM).

Is it possible to do such a seamless interface for a NEM project?

Of course we can! And we should! We’ve got all the tools. NEM’s API flexibility can get us where we want.

I suspect there’s no way around the transaction fees. You need to get on-chain, you need to make a payment AFAIK. Plus you have to pay for namespaces, too.

Do you have any idea about how to work around the transaction fees.

(In an app like that, you simply can’t have them.
Nobody would use an app where you have to pay a fee for leaving a comment under a photo, or something like that.)

What if it can be new ICO projects, based on NEM platform?
But insider cryptocurrency will be other than NEM, without fees.
Actually Steemit has 2 cryptocurrencies, so this way there can be something new, and NEM

I use Steemit, it’s cool because it’s based on blockchain tech. But let’s be honest if it was a “normal” web application competing in the social media space then there ain’t nothing special about it. Obviously NEM allows users to get their own user friendly wallet address, but at a cost!
Same goes with transactions.
But what I don’t get is why you would want to store comments, likes and shares in a distributed ledger? This is not highly sensitive financial data!
Why not just create a similar app and use sharding through a distributed bson database like mongodb, super easy to set up and will store all the likes comments and shares with zero transaction fees and perform exactly the same to the end user.
Is blockchain DLT really the answer to every web storage problem?


yes definitely possible with the right technical team and knowledge.