Is NEM dead? [hope vs reality]

True! These are also some of the reasons that are making us turn to NEM with our project…
Been reading about MarginX…I’m not a power savings specialist, but you guys seem to have thought this one through in great depth, with extensive knowledge of the market. Best of luck with that!


Excellent answer! I agree that NEM is the best blockchain in the world!


Why do you think this?

I’m not writing this from an investor perspective, but from a developer perspective, I have worked with Ethereum in-fact we started Sernez in ETH block. Just take a look at our MVP which is built over NEM. With ETH or say top 20 chains it is not possible to create something like Lamina.

The cost to notarize a document is super low. This is one of the reasons why we already signed MoU’s with universities. I don’t think we can build something like this with other blocks.

I do understand that NEM is not perfect. It is slow, but hey, it’s in top 20 for a long time. Again, the top 20 is just bullshit because the I know people working with EOS and other chain and they are doing nothing. You have no idea what Catapult can do to NEM. It’s a sleeping giant, and I do believe that NEM will rise to the top 5 in the next couple of years.

NEM don’t have a brand strategy. That’s the only thing I’m worried about NEM. Most of the people are not aware of NEM, and they don’t know the advantages. Just take a look at the NCF. There are very less amount of companies applying for NCF. EOS had millions of application in last few months when they opened their fund. I think brand awareness makes a lot of difference in any business.


As someone looking into NEM as a blockchain for business, the private and public feature is very attractive, and the consistent fees are interesting. Guaranteed SLA’s are also certainly a plus. The main issue here is real adoption by people. What are we seeing on that end?

IMO the market in general doesn’t react well to actual value at the moment. The issue is that BTC dominance is so high right now, plus BTC movement largely determines the market. I think when we pass $10k again we’ll see a lot more room for people getting into alts and pumping money in.
This is largely because they’ll be doing more homework and looking for better blockchains with more functionality, which is certainly NEM and businesses will be exploring Catapult. Patience my friend, patience.

I diversified into Bitcoin yesterday.
It’s like Gold now.
As for the alts I see Nem as very promising, yet I agree with what you say, the market has no interest in actual value at present other than Bitcoin as an investment option similar to gold.
And I kind of feel Bitcoins sluggish simplicity will save it, there has been very little ever mentioned on the disadvantages of lightning fast spending.

The banks and the lenders all want you to spend lightning fast!
Think about it, you spend lightning fast yet deposits into your account takes 48hours of business days :wink:

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The “fair value” is calculated based only on blockchain usage.
Trend is very good

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Both XEM’s fair value & TA seem to be pointing in the same direction!

Here’s a topic related to XEM’s TA, for further reference…

You not right.
Such situations as they are from time to time. The most liquid pair becomes XEM / JPY, that is, a currency.

only “zaif” has xem/jpy. and zaif is not “most” :wink:

that’s funny i’ve been selling btc for xem

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It is tempting at .08
I am a noob here.

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… and now it’s just $0.04 , maybe next year it will be less than $0.01 :expressionless:

I hope it continues to grow with the new government and new projects.:wink:

so there is a hope, but there isn’t a reality for NEM. i got my answer.
seems everything depends on Bitcoin. so NEM is just another slave for BTC, isn’t?

It moves slowly, very slowly. Just how it is.

Oh I hope this is a fake account. This will surely age like milk.

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