[ARTICLE] XEM Price Prediction 2018-2020

I don’t see much of a price prediction in this article, except for the fact that all signals are green for XEM value to go up…
But they’re definitely strong believers in XEM and in its unique potential!

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Yeah, it looks very bright, but as somebody already mentioned on bitcointalk, this is only recycling of topics of older article[s], so it’s there now probably just for clickbait/like-hunting purposes and nothing more. Unfortunately. Which doesn’t mean that NEM hasn’t bright future … I still hope it has :wink:

OK @KloNEM thanks for the insight.

removing the algo (smart contract ) from block chain is a smart idea. get block chain focusing on master data (name space) and transaction data ( message) will enable existing application developer moving into block chain quickly.

Here’s the TA from Cryptovest:

All indicators point towards a XEM rebound at USD0.3~0.5 by Q3 2018…hopefully :slight_smile:

TA - 25 July 2018.
XEM eyeing resistance levels…

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