Is NEM has a bright future? [hope vs reality]

ok, nem-election almost done, BUT, is it can effect on the NEM’s marketcap? or we should wait for BTC price(to make effect on nem & others)?
If the BTC is the only thing that can control this market, so what is the purpose of decentralization?
like it or not, the VALUE is the real adoption.
nem platform is decentralized, but its market cap depends on BTC at most cases. and when marketcap falls, most developers will leave it too.

why “Jaguar0625” should be anonymous? is NEM a fire&forget?

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Erm, NOPE!. That’s what imho most people are getting entirely wrong. Value (meassured in USD/EUR/…) is what everyone cares about, not a meassure of adoption. Every single person in the world could be using cryptos and they could still be way less costly than their are right now. Contrary to popular believe, adotion will imho not necessarily lead to prices increasing (especially at the rate we’re going in terms of privatization), in fact, even the current prices are still counter-productive in terms of adoption.

No, that’s even more incorrect. Speculators will leave and there are surely some developers among them but many developers are here for the technology and they are here to build not to speculate. They won’t leave when he price tanks because they could care less about it, they built something and it continues to work.

Why not ? I have no problem with it, he has a history of delivering and as long as he continues to do so I see no reason to demand IDs.
(I don’t know what the 2nd part is to do with the first so I’ll just ignore it for now)


without roadmap, there is no hope.