Is Rin Mizunashi still with us?

Have not seen Rin post much of late.
Hope Rin is on holidays.

Last post was a day ago and last seen 4 hours ago.

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Hi everyone, @mizunashi is with us, he is very tierd. Unfortunately, I think that the last few days / weeks have been bad for him. He had to work a lot and was networked with several people to help with claims settlement of the hack. At one point, his person also became Populer, I followed him on twitter when he had a few hundred followers. After the hack it was about 70k.

Rin has deleted Twitter and Facbook but is accessible in the forum. Please leave it alone for at least some time. I think by his contribution rate we will know when he is ready to take up his more voluntary work.

We should all be very grateful to him. Not only for the work after the hack but for every patient and friendly response we have received in our problems.

I hope he has recovered soon and is fit again. Please have a look at his work and if you want to search his Xem recive address and send him something … he deserves it.

The same for @CryptoBeliever who is also doing his best.


Does he have a donation address?

I know he’s put in lots of hours of his own time …


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I’m here.
The time to stay in the Forum has decreased.
However, there are many other work related to NEM.


Thanks Rin
wow 70k followers, you’re famous… :stuck_out_tongue:

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As Japan is the country where twitter is used as the main, Facebook, Linkedin etc use only a few people.
I do not like being conspicuous.
It is because I can not say what I thought.
So, that twitter account has been deleted…

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Donation Thank you very much.

I will use the funds I will receive for the future development of NEM.

Thank you very much.

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