Is someone pumping and dumping XEM?

Looked on and saw NEM increased by 70%!
Is someone pumping the coin. It would be sad because people might lose trust because of a dump

I think it’s connected to the DOA “hack”. Lots of ethereum investors who’s looking for a new coin.

Interesting idea.
Seems like a very good reason.
However, I can’t see any pump of any other major alt coins.
Interested to know what people think

Yup, I’m an ETH investor, and I feel like the community is going to do something retarded so I jumped ship here.

(Still made a profit, but I’m too scared to go back ;P)

Perhaps some of the NXT investors are buying NEM, because of their frustration with the NXT 2.0

What frustration do you see with NXT?

They are creating another token and leaving the original project. At least that was what I understand, so despite the support, the original nxt will be discontinued giving way to another ecossistem/coin.

Original NXT 1.0 will stay at least 2 year or longer from now, if there will be demand, just NXT 1.0 will not have new features.

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Sadly it was a pump and dump :pensive:
Marketcap of NEM went down by 12$ million and still going!
Pretty big dump

nothing goes straight up, people will always take profit.

Considering it traded between 300-400 for months, if it settles between 600-700 that is a huge step up.

After this consolidation next stop should be 1000+ :slight_smile:

Good point. Hopefully NEM price settles now!

If I may comment on this: Price is driven by several factors. The ULTIMATE PRICE is a function of REAL VALUE - meaning: Does the coin serve a real purpose in the real world? The bigger that “YES” is, the higher the REAL VALUE of the coin. In the interim - there are about 9 BILLION NEM. This means that whatever investment moves in/out of it is divided among the total number of tokens. 9 BILLION tokens means that NEM/XEM’s price should be very stable. It will take 9 BILLION DOLLAR$ to make it move a dollar per token. This structure is a great design and people will soon discover that XEM is also a HEDGE. Being a HEDGE adds value to the token and will tend to drive prices higher. And of high importance, the NEM project seems to be quite insightful/innovative on a number of levels. Should I say “Brilliant”? You say. I think it is clear that NEM/XEM is going to gain tremendous value over time as people figure this potential for utility out and turn it into real world apps. I think we’ll be able to agree on this: NEM/XEM is better than BitCoin - technically. I think it would be reasonable to assume that NEM/XEM’s market cap will eventually meet/exceed BitCoin’s. Let’s presume that BitCoin has nudged up to $27 Billion U$D (very reasonable presumption). When NEM reached $27Billion in market cap Each NEM will be worth $3. I don’t think this speculation is a stretch at all. Furthermore, world currency trading is a $200-TRILLION+ market. Since CRYPT0’s 1st and most useful function is that of CURRENCY, – it’s only a matter of time before the currency markets figure out that it is superior currency. So let’s presume that the current market cap on CRYPT0 is $50 billion and that eventually - 2% of the global currency market’s value will flood into CRYPT0 (very conservative & realistic - right?)… When this happens - the total market in CRYPT0 will grow from $50-BILLION to $4-TRILLION (2% of $200-Trillion+). $4-Trillion divided by $50-Billion is 80x (+8000%). 80x$3=$240 per XEM. I think that this is quite realistic - all things considered CONSERVATIVELY over the next decade. Meanwhile: The market will eventually grow wise to KrapCoins and only projects with real utility will dominate. Being said - the NEM project is likely to be one of those winning CRYPT0’s. That’s why I like it.

It is a superior currency. A lot of clones have popped up based on other delegated proof of stake coins but none of them offers what XEM does, especially with catapult coming. It deserves it’s market cap and if anything it’s going to displace LTC and go head to head with Ripple and Ethereum going forward… it’s one reason I’m hesitant to sell any more of it.

I think it is quite clear it is a pump
But is there a dump? If the market catches on and realizes its potential, they won’t just let it go in the market.
As dissident says, NEM has a chance to compete with Ethereum.