Is the world ready for cryptocurrency?


Although there are a few countries who uses bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies now, I cannot help but wonder if the world is truly ready for this digital currency? It will certainly be hard to replace all currencies in the world but it could happen in a decade or so, perhaps even less? Still the question is, is the world ready? I think if this happens it might be one of the biggest changes that will happen worldwide.


I believe the world is ready for crypto, but governments and banks are not ready to lose their power and control. Sooner or later, they will become the outsiders in the financial system. They try to postpone it, but the global acceptance of the cryptocurrency is inevitable.


I think the world is ready for big changes. We live in time of technological development and definitely learned to adapt to changes and innovations. Surely, Bitcoin acceptance would be one of the largest events, but I think many people will concur that this is what we're all waiting for.


I use to be enthusiastic like you, but
I see less and less of practical use for cryptos, with speed and scalability as
main technical issues, while on the other side regulative laws are not trivial to enforce and implement.