Is there a guide on how to opt-in through combination of mobile wallets

So I’ve read through all of the posts (on and various exchanges) about opting in to receive the XYM drop. But none of the guides explain how to opt-in using a 3rd party mobile wallet. I use Exodus and Atomic. I downloaded the new Symbol wallet for android and started to go through the opt in process but I’m stuck at the point where it wants me to link my existing Nem wallet.

Is it possible to opt-in through the Symbol android wallet while continuing to use Exodus for Nem? I’d prefer to not transfer any XEM from one wallet to another. I know the opt-in process requires 1-2 XEM so I’m not sure how that would work. Could you post an opt-in guide for android users that already have XEM in a 3rd party wallet and are trying to opt-in with the Symbol android wallet? Thanks.

Hello. First, you need to export NEM private key.


  • get Symbol mobile wallet
  • backup mnemonic
  • opt-in Atomic NEM private key
  • opt-in Exodus NEM private key