Is there any legit faucets available?


I notice a few folk asking here and there if there are any legit NEM mainnet faucets.
I notice the Japan one is down, and may have been down for some time.

Now from my understanding faucets offer an introduction to anyone who wants to own some xem, I also feel it may have some appeal to the younger people interested in the Nem ecosystem.

Any LEGIT NEM faucets available?

Please don’t post testnet faucets here.

I would also suggest faucets as an idea to bring more xem users into the sphere.
In all honesty a faucet could support itself if it was planned properly.



What would you donate for such a faucet?


I would love to hear how to support a faucet itself, with a detailed case study. :wink:
Obviously if you google it, there are only 3 leading the path:

  • freenem that wants to be a copy of
  • nemfaucet that is pretty much a generic one
  • testnet a solid concept with token airdrops too



I own less than 100k xem do you mean money?
I would contribute 10% of my total xem.
No probs, unfortunately my funds do not allow massive donations.
What is the meaning of your post?
I could also donate some time and basic website stuff.


Some appear to rely on advertising, ugly advertising too.
The Nemfaucet is down right?
Is promotional activity and advertising (of a decent kind) worth it?



The last trends from Sillicon Valley are bearish about free services + advertising models.
I think the ads models are exhausting, and moreover, google banned advertising in faucet and cripto websites.

Maybe a successful site depends on the volume of monthly visits (I mean sites with >100k-1M), for instance, xarLee business model is based on donations, because ads or coinhive models are not profitable (for monthly visits ~1000).
It is more like a service for the nem community that a rich business model.

We are looking for fixed longterm sponsors to strengthen the economy of the project, and we are working on expanding the concept of faucet, for instance, building an airdrop platform for NEM tokens, and another ideas that we are working on.