Is there any testnems around anymore?

I came here for beta testing nem-mobilewallet. found it started to get intrested about everything but now i feel stupid becauseim trying to ask everyone and no-one says anything - em I just stupid or is there something wrong?
the discussion which by I came here happened to our forum just days ago so it would nice to get this solved - thank you for now

looking for testXEM

That is a mainnet accoutn for real XEM.

If you want to test on the testnet, you need test XEM.

(Real NEM accounts always start with N and testnet accounts always start with T)

Here you can install the Testnet if you want to run your own node.

If you want a private key for the testnet with some XEM in it, you can try this one. 27366024ca5567d7d390bf9d1c61c2d6fd6ded14f16d1f8101a67064cd2af987

or scan this QR

Or visit the testnet thread and try other QRs or private keys.

If you want real NEM to try your main wallet, you can get them from but at the moment it is broken. It should be working again soon, but not sure when.

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Thank You. I have TestFlight installed - also posted somewhere who asked for, my apple-account info but nothing happened yet.
I guess i need to find out what this testnet is -
Because of obvious ‘not enough time’ … How many btc is 10.000 NEM which are required for NEM harvesting on Windows?
…how much does it cost to get enough XEM for harvesting with NCC?


I turned back from testnet for main net because i couldnt get NCC working anymore - now something happened because this wont work anymore as a wallet - i need to reconfigure everything - perhaps unistall everything and reinstalling…
so I am happy I didnt get nothing not even testNEM because i kinda messed up everyhting (deleted blockchain too because of some instructions) well this is all kinda new for me so tomorrow is a new day

see you tomorrow :slightly_smiling:

please send me a PM with your itunes email and I will ask to have it added again.

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