Is Xarcade dead or what?


I am waiting for it a long time… no announcements… nothing… just coming soon… what is happening?


You should follow them on facebook,
They post updates there more often.
Seems like they are very busy developing Match Nem.
To get the latest news about Nem projects you can also join the official Nem News channel on telegram @newsonnem


For the XBOX™ you can get a USB-XBOX port adapter to connect the X-Arcade™ Trackball to the XBOX™, but no games support it. You can use this for XBOX™ Linux and other emulation software with mouse support (if any).


That’s nice, however it is just one game (not interacting with NEM [At least last time I played it]). The proposal was made a very long time ago. Do they have only one developer ir what? With that funding I would be expecting a lightspeed. Because adding few levels to a candy crush game since January… it is nearly nothing.


In my opinion it seems to be a delivery platform.
They really just need some users.
The idea itself is pretty good.
Has it actually been launched?


I have no info about Xarcade being launched. As you said, it is a platform… and the only “progress” I have seen is matchNEM (It has also nothing to do with NEM since it is not interacting with chain in any way). Adding few levels in 6+ months is pretty sad.