It takes more than two to lambo- my proposal

If you go to nemberia in telegram the main question you will find is: when the price for xem is going up or when lambo? I can write a lot of answers to that and start a opinion wars, but that’s just a waste of time and that doesn’t bring the price up.

I wan to propose the use of a algorithm: a step-by-step procedure for solving a problem or accomplishing some end .

… sometimes you solve a problem by coming up with an algorithm of some kind. But sometimes you solve a problem in a very ad hoc sort of way.
—William H. Huggins

NEM blockchain is ready to solve many real life problems, there is a problem I want to solve, that will bring more demand to the exchanges to buy xem with fiat money.

I don’t want to propose an ICO because I don’t like many of them( many are using old economy traps and adding blockchain sauce to their ICO or projects), but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect them because I believe people is free to dispose their money where they want it if they believe in the project. I only oppose to the projects that are created to harm a real person life: emotionally or else.

What I’m proposing is a Building Trust Offer or a BTO, because trust Is the most important asset, and in my case the only way I can solve the problem is by having trust around my project, trust means building a win-win relationship where we both take the same risk and we also enjoy the rewards.

What the biggest reward that I want to achieve?

That the project gains trust to gain track, gains respect and then catapult my career.

Biggest risk that I’m taking?

Destroying my reputation and my career at the same time if I don’t deliver what Is written in the contract.

Do I have a road map?

A BTO is not an ICO; it works in a different manner, it works with steps and accomplishments, the main ingredients are respect and common sense.

Do I need funding?

Yes funding is required.

Can I give a sample of funding? and how will it work?

Yes the BTO starts with 100000 xem, that will be deposited In an account (it will be controlled by the funders) that will be for legal advice never controlled or cosigned by me, the xem will be there for refunds and to pay directly, let’s say I go to see a lawyer, I spend 25 euros out of my pocket for train ticket and food while working, I need to show the receipts and say I want a refund, then I get a bill from the lawyer let’s say 500 euros, the xem Is transferred to his account and he will be able to have his money. As you can see I’m not having control of the funding. By account I mean wallet.

Does it involves contracts?

Yes it does under German law.

Hint of the project?

Yes, I can only give you hint because is not a secret anymore (is on the blockchain) explore the following namespace: xents and euroxents.

I invite you to be part of this algorithm called BTO.



Nem price is very slow at present, it goes up and down .01 cent a week.
Last week it was .103, this week it is .098, how massively frustrating after experiencing the 2017 roller coaster prices.

So we have no idea what the project is and the risks involved?

I will write more about the project.

Thanks for the comment, I will write more about it.