Japan Considers Launching J-Coin ! Most likely based on Catapult!

So, Japan will have its own digital currency. Great news, indeed. Why?

Well, let’s put it this way: in Japan, the top 2 block-chain solutions are Ripple and NEM, with Ripple being on the 1st place, BUT, Ripple proved to be way behind NEM in benchmarks regarding security.

So, common sense and logic tells me they will use NEM’s block-chain solution (Catapult) as it’s the best solution out there.

Expecting J-coin to be a mosaic of NEM or not…but overall I give it 70% odds for Japan to use NEM’s blockchain solution as it’s the most practical one out-there.

But then again, this is pure speculation but it would make all the sense in the world. Any opinions?


Am I the only one who finds these posts counter productive ? I mean if there’s one thing nem doesn’t do it’s create hype based on nothing.

Japan they are considering it, it is not clear they will have it. Stating that they will have it is simply incorrect because you can’t know.

Bitcoin is the biggest crypto in Japan, not Ripple and probably even more so now that all of China is looking to Japan. I very much doubt XEM is 2nd but I can’t find recent data. Most recent I found, XEM was 4th, after BTC, Ripple and ETH.

And then claiming that there’s 70% change of JCoin to be a mosaic ? What on earth could that number possibly be based on ?

I get that your post is speculation, you’re saying as much but maybe speculate based on facts instead of fiction ?

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I think I’ve made it pretty much clear with my last statement in the post: “But then again, this is pure speculation but it would make all the sense in the world”.

Now, the 70% odds I gave to NEM powering the J-coin is my personal opinion as I stated: “I give it 70% odds for Japan to use NEM’s block-chain”.

I think everyone has the right to an opinion and you don’t have to agree with it, but then again, you don’t have to claim that my posts are counter-productive or that I create hype.

Feel free to check my profile, surf my articles. One of them even reached 5000+ views, which means the information I submit is relevant to the forum in regards of interest.

Plus, I believe in NEM very much and it wouldn’t surprise me if Japan would use Catapult to build their digital currency. Not on Bitcoin, not on Ripple, but on NEM because the fact of the matter is…it’s the best block-chain solution out there.

Would you call this a hype based on nothing? I wouldn’t. NEM’s efficiency and security has been proven in benchmarks.

Make no mistake, I’ve done my research too in the past months, and most of my articles are based on reasonable arguments and facts. Obviously, I add also some speculation based on personal opinion but it’s my right to do that as much as everyone’s.



Indeed. And it is my opinion that your posts are counter productive. Just my 2 cents. Nothing more. How come when I state an opinion it’s claiming things but when you do it’s just giving an opinion ?

Yeah, that’s what clickbait titles do. They generate clicks. That doesn’t in anyway shape or form mean that the content itself is relevant or interesting. Doesn’t mean it’s not either though.

Yes. Yes I would. But again, just my opinion.

No need to argue though…let’s see what others have to say.

Tiberiu…Keep doing what you’re doing, it is much appreciated. If I was checking out the NEM forum and saw the post dissecting your post, I’d probably wonder what kind of forum is this…and how do I block someone. The time and effort you put into your posts are the one reason I check in on a regular basis. This isn’t FB and it isn’t Twitter, leave that BS to those sites…SMH Anyway, thanks again for all you do! dp


Haha. That’s indeed the perfect clickbait title. The truth is: most likely not based on catapult.

But let’s hope for the best :wink:


Thank you very much for the appreciation, I’m truly flattered knowing that my posts are one of the reasons you check the NEM forum on a regular basis. And regardless of the fact that some of the forum users might not agree with what I write in my posts, I will continue writing new articles for the ones that do, like yourself. Again, thank you very much for the support, as it inspires me not only to continue writing new articles but to also raise the quality of my work.

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Where was this ever substantiated?

There was a report done by a Chinese company about a year ago. I apologize but I do not have a link to it.

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