Jason Lee for Secretary and Council Member

Dear NEM members and community,

My name is Jason Lee and it has been a real honour and privilege to serve with the expansion of NEM in Australia and New Zealand. Today, I am officially announcing that I will be running for the positions of Secretary and Council Member.

Why Jason for Secretary/Council member role with NEM:

  1. Knowledge and experience in secretarial work with large corporates and associations
  2. Corporate background working c-level management and senior executives
  3. Ability to lead a team, document and produce results (https://medium.com/nem-anz)
  4. Familiarity in working with NEM as expansion director for a region
  5. Networked across leadership teams around the world
  6. Has experience being ‘on the ground’ talking about the NEM blockchain platform and equipped to be able to appreciate and execute in the role of secretary/council member


First, a secretariat office will be proposed to the council to oversee and be accountable for all reporting, documentation and communication to the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and members – with a focus towards public chain adoption. The secretariat shall always maintain an up-to-date register of members and work with the company secretary and legal counsel on relevant foundation matters.

Second, the position of the secretariat office will be used as a place to communicate trust and transparency, working closely with the leadership team. The creation, upkeep and integrity of endorsed information and archives will be the core responsibility of the secretariat office. There should be an emphasis towards knowledge of the underlying technology to provide world-class advisory and solutions for projects using the NEM blockchain.

Third, the secretariat office will have the function to execute 3 core strategies:

  1. Strengthen organisational structure and administrative integrity
  2. Focus on existing leadership before rapid expansion
  3. Develop solid documentation, policies and procedures

Strengthen Organisational Structure and Administrative Integrity

NEM.io Foundation should be an organisation that endures through the years with unquestionable stability and this 2018/2019 strategy should be grounded on the premise that we ‘go far and not fast’. Our community has rapidly expanded across regions within the last year. Now, there is a pressing need to develop a solid structural approach with the right legislative and supervisory guardrails.

Action plan:

  1. Organise with regional heads to confirm organisational structure with clear lines of accountability and responsibility for all employees to ensure we are a high-performing organisation – have intentional staffing initiatives to support catapult development.
  2. Ensure turnaround times for deadlines are adhered to for contracts, bounties and future commercial and non-commercial agreements. Put measures in place to curb complacency and non-compliance.
  3. Develop an ‘intelligence team’ to conduct due diligence on potential employees, leaders, partners before official engagements to ensure administrative integrity. All findings and research to be archived methodically and access provided to relevant officers.
  4. Streamline workflow and remove unnecessary duplication of work.

Focus on Existing Leadership before Rapid Expansion

As a foundation, the quantity of leaders has grown with speed across the globe with continued success, alongside challenges. Ensuring that the existing leadership are equipped with the right tools and resources to succeed is crucial so that we do not lose leaders to other organisations, lag in growth with technology development and most importantly, lack buy-in from the wider community. The policy focus is to ‘go deep before wide’.

Action plan:

  1. Have a strong focus on building product and technical leadership capabilities towards the facilitation of the public chain release of catapult. Allocate resources towards releasing a solid technical roadmap with the consultation of core devs and stakeholders.
  2. Make certain that new and existing leaders are properly qualified to represent NEM and provide leaders with a repository of resources for action. The success of the NEM is a strong as its weakest leader. There should be a high standard of quality for all leaders.
  3. Structure a leadership ladder for developers, employees and volunteers with a path of career development – there should be a strong focus on leaders with technical competence for 2019.
  4. Explain the communications strategy through leadership ‘town halls’ and formulate a roadmap for leadership recruitment, retention and development.

Develop Solid Documentation, Policies and Procedures

Integrity, accountability and transparency within NEM’s structure, performance and operations have been something the community has tasked the council to commit to. For this to happen, the right people need to have the right authority to make effective and efficient decisions, with consequences for failure to follow through.

Hence, ‘go strong on governance’ where there is organisational-wide recognition that the foundation is managed for the benefit of its members, considering the interest of the community at large.

Action plan:

  1. Put together a task force to produce a report on governance models of foundations that have been established to incorporate best practices and strategies.
  2. Forge clear and transparent policies and procedures for employees and members which will be accessible, where relevant. Also, to work with incoming Treasurer for the administration of bounties, claims, awards.
  3. Work with a team to set up a regularly updated go-to library of practical and technical information for the public, members, stakeholders on use cases, codes and matters relevant to understanding NEM’s core goals – members can make requests for further documentation to ensure that there is up to date information constantly.
  4. Share documentation to members – a strategic vision of council, public plan on how funds spent will benefit the community, meaning internal governance system and more.

Summary of Strategy:

  1. Far not fast: focus on laying strong foundations in establishing an enduring organisation.
  2. Deep before wide: design structures for leadership development in the technical and operational, particularly in building strong developer competence.
  3. Go strong on governance: embody a culture committed to compliance with world-class standards and ensure there is clarity in decision-making and follow-through.

Further links:
Jason’s background and achievements here and watch video interviews here and here
I have also prepared a list of questions and responses here

Endorsement from Alex Tinsman

Looking forward to engage with everyone and let us work together towards building a solid foundation for NEM!


Good luck Jason, you certainly have the drive to make the foundation succeed and I hope you can cut through a lot of the red tape.

One comment:

There definitely needs to be an element of Fast here, Catapult is WAY overdue and we are being left behind as a technology.


Go Jason!
Strong on Governance…Boom!


This is great Jason. I think it’s very important that NEM has a strong focus on solid processes and high integrity as it moves into a phase of adoption in the mainstream – particularly helpful in the corporate sphere and education. Without clear processes and sound governance the path is rocky.

All the best for your campaign Jason, you have my support.


Good luck Jason! You have been really supportive over the last couple of years! You deserve it! :slight_smile:

RocketShoes support all the way!


Go Jason! We are all here to support you and the awesome NEM community!

Since you have introduced me to NEM two years ago, I have seen how fast NEM community has grown up globally and LATTICE80 issued the first token on NEM to support the community of 200,000 people globally.

Looking forward to collaborating more and contributing more over time!

Let’s grow together!!!

Some areas do need to move fast, no doubt about that!

Thanks a lot @Dan_V, appreciate the kind words. Need all the drive we have!

Cheers @joseng62.
Well if I am going to push something hard, it would be governance!

Thanks @MattRiddle ! agree especially if we are targeting the corporates and those in the education industry

I stay driven because of people like you who continue to inspire me with your work, especially now with http://nem.education/, keep it up!

Thank @joeseunghyuncho, we will grow from strength to strength with a powerhouse like yourself as well!

Best of luck Jason!

Dear Nem community,

As one of the cofounders of FMT I have had the pleasure of working with Jason throughout 2018. Jason is an exemplary leader who has demonstrated his passion to bring out the best in people and organise and mobilize his team. His hands-on approach to community engagement and support is one of the reasons why we chose to build our project on NEM blockchain.

We are excited that Jason is running for Secretary and Council member and he certainly has the capability to deliver. We look forward to working closely with him and the nem team into 2019 and beyond.

Jason has our vote. If anyone needs further reference please reach out.

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When we were first introduced to the NEM blockchain, we were not certain if this would fit with our business. I met Jason early this year and was convinced that there is a big opportunity in the provenance and supply chain tracking space. We are glad to be part of the NEM community now and despite various challenges, Jason has always been positive, assuring and has been super helpful with our project Origins which received funding earlier this year.

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Just had an interview with Alexis from latiNEM, check it out here:

Jason for Secretary and Council Member - Find out what he proposes to the NEM Community in this latiNEM special. (English with Spanish subtitles)

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Your actions precede you; You are a great leader, I hope you get great unions in Latin America.
great support with Pedro. all for Nem !!

Thanks! this is the latest endorsement from Samantha Yap founder and director of YAP Global.

Sam worked with the NEM ANZ team to support NEM projects with public relations work and is now based in London having been previously working in Melbourne.

Endorsement from our system integrations partner, Nick Byrne, CEO and partner of TypeHuman

Nick Byrne is an entrepreneur who has experience working in the corporate, not-for-profit, and startup sectors. He has helped many Australian startups and corporate teams define new ways of work, and launch new digital product offerings. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of TypeHuman, which was founded on a belief that we need to accelerate the adoption of Web 3.0 technologies in order to bring about a more human-centric web.

TypeHuman is one of Australia’s first Blockchain Venture Studios, and is working with leading organisations across Australia. More here: https://typehuman.com/

Endorsement from Luke Ritchie, Chief Information Officer of Coinstop.io

Coinstop is Australia’s leading cold storage hardware wallet provider, and an authorised reseller of Ledger, Trezor and KeepKey; three of the most reputable hardware wallet manufacturers. Coinstop also stock alternative private key storage devices to ensure users can securely store their crypto, regardless of the currency.

Endorsement from Karen Cohen, Advisor to Blockchain Centre Melbourne

Karen is the Advisor and former General Manager at Blockchain Centre Melbourne which covered Blockchain Centre Expansion, Co-working, Incubation, Education, Consulting and Community Events. Blockchain Centre Melbourne is one of Australia’s largest blockchain communities with over 5,000 in the community.

She has over 20 years experience in HR in professional services environment and Consulting environments including Accenture, McKinsey, IT and Financial Services. Karen has completed a Science Degree at Monash University and Post Graduate Diploma in HR and a Training Certificate.

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Good luck Jason! Very strong candidate to bring the right direction to NEM.

Thanks Seb, appreciate the vote of confidence!

Cheers mate!

Thanks Sam! looking forward to work together further.

Thanks Nathan!

Jason has always been a very passionate guy since I started working with him last year, his contribution to NEM ecosystem was impressing. It will be surely a good benefit for the community we have Jason on the council and Secretary.