Jeff McDonald for NEM Council

Hi NEM Community,

The election dates have been finalized, and I’m sure memberships will be settled soon! I’m taking the time to introduce myself now.

I’m Jeff McDonald, the former Vice President of the NEM Foundation. Many of you might know me by my Telegram ID of “Jabo38” too.

I have made a short video to introduce myself and what I would like to do to help NEM grow.

Alex has also made another video supporting me too.

And here is my letter to the NEM community explaining more of my history.

Feel free to ask me anything you would like in this thread. As many know, I’m very busy and have a slow response time to answer messages, but I’ll checking this thread at least once a day to answer all questions between now and December 14th.


Awesome !
Little bit experience, you are too modest Jeff. I believe you had more than just a little bit of experience :wink:
Getting into the USA market would be a great next step, USA economic is a big player.
I am so glad the election voting changed so we can vote for more that one council member. There are a couple of gems on the list. You have 1 of my votes for sure Jeff. You were one of the reasons I started looking into NEM, back in 2016 and you got my first vote.
Thanks for what you have contributes so far.


Thanks for being a part of the community!

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Definitely a man to have on the ground.
Will be interested to see the American developments with yourself and Alex!

I also see that USA has 20% of total Nem nodes, so there is a presence in the USA.
Do you plan to work on these areas or is USA further adoption a blanket approach?

All the best!


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First and foremost, I want to see development happen globally. But in the US, I’m going to work wherever Alex needs me at first to fill in the holes or spots. Later on as she has her team fully going, I would like to mainly focus in on speaking and bringing awareness about NEM at conferences, hackathons, and 101s.


we need Jeff to save the foundation !!! ohhh yessss i vote to Jeff !! @jabo38


Hey Jeff,

Do you have a strategy for Canada? So far we have Tony out in BC but Canada is a huge countey and so far, almost exclusively ETH. Would you hit major cities first, or is there a plan to built out Canada, or is there even talk about Canada.


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@xemnewbie @LauraBKK please move this discussion out of this topic (first and last warning). Discuss in private and for sure not in Jeff’s topic.

Thank you.

+1, lets try to stick to the main topic here. I’d love to answer anybody’s questions.

Hi Laura,

Thanks for the question, sorry for the confusion that followed.

If elected, I’ll try to attend more conferences in Canada (hopefully in the summer, not winter. hahaha).

Generally, for more specific plans of growing out Canada, I know Alex is thinking about it but we haven’t discussed it in much detail. I think we have a big enough community that we could start to do 101s and reach out to businesses interested in blockchain as a start.


Hello Jeff.
The depletion of SN reward is approaching.
Please tell me how you are thinking about this problem.


I originally designed the Supernode reward schedule, so I think a lot about how to update it.

When I was designing supernodes, the point was to build a good network of nodes until that day when we naturally had enough nodes.

That day still hasn’t come.

When Catapult is launched I feel like we still need some kind of rewards system and the fund will need to be refunded.

Some people have noticed that the Silver Coin Fund was never really used. I would like to consider taking some money from the Silver Coin Fund to help out with a new rewards scheme for rewarding nodes. To move the funds out of the Silver Coin Fund, somebody might actually have to make silver coins though finally. hahaha

Lately, I have also thought about block rewards for each person that makes a block instead of how it is currently done now. Or possibly we could have a hybrid model of some sorts.

I will definitely be thinking more about this as we get closer to launch.


Dear Community,

  1. Thank you for electing me to the council. I will work hard to make you proud.

  2. I know many of you wanted to see me be President, and that for a long time I was supposed to be President. But I also didn’t want to be President just for the sake of being so and if there was somebody who I thought would be better than me, than I should let them try. I’m happy to say that the community has chose Alex to be President and look forward to all she will do for NEM.


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