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What is NEM?
NEM is a peer to peer platform and it provides/will provide services like payments, messaging, asset trading and smart contracts. There shall be a lot more to come as NEM shall be an evolving solution.

NEM Red (was 2110, now 2310 members)

NEM France (was 31, now 29 members)

NEM Australia (was 47,now 58 members)

NEM D-A-CH [german] (was 265,now 296 members)

NEM:: Dutch (was 53,now 59 members)

NEM Russia (was 1563,now 1800 members)

NEM Greece (was 9,now 9 members)

NEM Italia (was 56, now 56 members)

NEM: Korea (was 114, now 114 Members)

NEM Spain (was 68, now 88 members)

NEM Philippines (was 77,now 85 members)

NEM Polska (was 93,now 100 members)

NEM New Zealand (was 23,now 26 members)

NEM Indonesia (was 31, now 31 members)

NEM Japan Community (was 640,now 806 members)

NEMberia (was 1020, now 1192 members, Price speculation room)

NEM Thailand (was 11, now 12 members)

NEM Turkiye (was 10, now 12 members)

NEM::USA (was 101,now 127 members)

NEM : India (was 7, now 12 members)

NEM: UK (was 34, now 40 members)

NEM: Vietnam (5 members - Supergroup)

NEMVIET (8 members - non supergroup)

NEM: Canada (was 15, now 18 Members)

NEM Hungary (was 12,now 14 members)

NEM HELPDESK Team (was 249, now 274 members, Newbie area, you have problems? come by and we will assist you)

NEM Helpdesk #2 (12 members, in case above link for Helpdesk is not working for you)

NEM Telegram in a MAP:

NEM Link List 2017 (as of 28/3/2017)

Supernode Total: was 733, now 759 Nodes (Active:501)

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Unable to join Telegram?
Here is a workaround we discovered.
download primo app - sign up - verify email - once verified you will get a US number…and you can join Telegram :slight_smile:

NEMflash website address is wrong
It says
but the actural address is


I have joined


I can confirm this is Tony G. I have been regularly talking to him through chat and video calls.


Nice to be here!!!


Welcome Tony G, thank you for being part of the community!


Can you please arrange update of

to point to the correct new France NEM Telegram group.

Thx !