Josia J J Engelbrecht (Ravenfield) for Council Member


→ LinkedIn profile URL (Professional) :

While on my LinkedIn profile please have a look at my visual pdf summary about myself for more information.

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I have not been freelancing for more that a year now. I was part of the Top Rated Freelancers.
I have worked on multiple project throughout the world: USA, Australia, Dubai, Hungary, New Zealand, Spain and South Africa.

○ Introduction ○

Hi all, my name is Josia Engelbrecht :
• I am 35 years old
• Caucasian male

• Married, with 2 Children

• I am from South Africa (Cape Town)

• Fluent in English and Afrikaans

• Able to do almost anything ;-), there ain’t no mountain high enough
• My Gamer name = Ravenfields, has and always will be.

Integrity, one of the moral principles that has stuck with me from a young age. Where ever I find myself, be it at the office, at a social event, at a family gathering, where ever it might be that one precious principle defined my actions and my future.

From a personal view point I am an open minded, self-motivated individual. I believe in moral values and have a strong character. I believe one needs to have humility as a core characteristic and at the same time have confidence in oneself. Being respectful towards others, automatically instils honour, dignity and trust; these are values that my foundation is built on. I have always been a quick learning and taking all relevant information into account I come up with a suitable solution always weighting up the risk and benefits.

I am a diverse person that has a unique combination of skills and experience that are derived from these sectors: Information Technologies, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Business and Corporate.
From these I have gained and improved on valuable skills:

Software Development,
Business Acumen,
Human Resource,

Customer Service,
Soft skills etc.
Each skill I have trained to a certain level, through personal experience, constant studying and improved understanding. I always approach problems and implement solutions in a professional business orientated manner. Growing myself by gaining knowledge and experience will be a never-ending goal of mine.

○ Why NEM ○

Well I started my blockchain journey in late 2016 wearing my investing hat. I started researching and collecting data on crytpo coins and tokens. Right of the bat, one coin that stood out was XEM. After doing more research I could clearly see that Nem was a sleeping giant. Nem always seem to be one step ahead in tech and clearly focused on laying down a solid foundation. 2 Key factors that I deem to be important. Why, because they had solid members leading the way and clearly, genius level Devs, all dedicated and clearly loyal to the community. These are rare treasures in the blockchain world and the cherry on top, they have been through the furnaces (Crypto market, dark ages).
Since then I have been an active Nember. I was there when Ecobits, Dimcoin, Chronobank started, then Xarcade, Qchain etc.

○ Ok so what is the Plan ○

The Vision

► To add value to the NEM Community by taking all that I have learnt through the years and investing into NEM, while at the same time keeping on improving and gaining knowledge and hopefully sowing back through mentoring and constant support for NEM and the community.

The Mission

► Keep NEM in the forefront in the blockchain world, ensure it becomes the open Giant it aimed to be. Keep NEM true, focused and community driven.

The Goals

Side Note : It is quite hard to make promises on the goals as there are a lot of information lacking to make promises at this point. Information like the laws governing the foundations. Internal and external organization structure, level of authority, accountability etc.

So keeping that in mind, here we go:
► First logical step would be to obtain above information, work through all of it and get a better understand of how NEM operates, what the current goals are and what the rules are that governs NEM.

► Next get a common understand and trust going between myself and the newly elected council.

► Next as a council get in touch with the Devs. Where are we at? What is the expectation? Any major issues being blocked? Then formulate an agreement, i.e. what is most important, when and how often we can have formal communication sessions, etc.

► Throughout all the goals there should be a constant theme, keep the community updated where legally allowed. I do not care if it is me, or another council member or an entity that has been given the responsibility to keep the community up to date.
At the end NEM exist because of the community and the community exist because of NEM, a beautiful symbiotic relationship, a living organization and a living community.

► I want to push to put a policy/procedure in place to be able to get input from the community. How will we be collecting the social genius of the community and integrating their feedback into the Foundation into the future of NEM.
How will we ensure we relay this information back to the community? The fact that we are taking their input into account and making use of it. etc.

► Planning and launching off the highly anticipated Catapult.

► Looking into the Budget and available funding accounts and see how best we can start utilizing these funds for the next 5 to 10 years.

► If possible, start to add some more developers to start building/improving on the library, plugins, mobile wallet, add more features, ensure code quality is kept, improve on CI/CD where required, research, innovate, improves etc.

► Being a Business Intelligent person I want to put some form of reporting in place, to be utilized by the council, NEM partners and the community. We need to be able to make quick decisions with the most up to date, quality information. We need to be able to indicate to the community, visually, on important metrics.

► Getting more involved with NEM Ventures, understand their progress and stay up to date about what is happening.
► Get a system in place that gives feedback on all the startups funded by the NEM foundations. How they are progressing, what is new, keep those connections live and happening.

► Being in South Africa I want to start pushing NEM, present at blockchain meet ups, represent NEM at any Africa blockchain conferences, start building solutions in Africa.

► Start pushing NEM African, support NEM where ever a viable opportunity. Talk to the Africa community and start formulating a strategy.
► If there is one thing, I have learnt so far in life, it is, you cannot do everything yourselves (nor do I want to). I want to make use and support of my other council members, make use of their strengths. Other candidates have raised important matters already, some technical, so governance issues, some communications. Issues that I honestly did not identify nor know about before they raised it. i.e. Tony about the namespace expiry issues, valid concern.
My hope is that with having regular discussion with the council and community, that we can stay on top current issues, identity future issues, keep on improving and innovation. See it all through, thought constant communication and planning. Agile at it’s best.

► See how best we can bring the other NEM bodies closer aligned in our way forward.

► Then one more important issue raised by the community recently, the current Elections process. Needs to be looked into and together with the community a new Election process should put in place.

Lastly, I would like to send out a big thanks to Nem (Devs, Council. Partners, Employees, Community and all others) for their contributions in blood, sweat and tears that has put Nem on the map!

It would be an honour to server such a great Nem community

I did not spell honour incorrectly, it is British English spelling :blush:
I will upload a video on Youtube over the weekend (17th 18th ) and will share it in the forums and in the chat channels, so keep a lookout for it.

Best of luck and best of wishes to all the candidate running, may this be a fair, fun and fearless elections.
Shout out to the other candidates so far on the forum.
@Inside_NEM → It’s gone be tough and I am routing for you to either be Pres or Vice !
@tongokongo → Thanks for all the effort so far, have been a subscriber since day 1 !
@Mark_Price → Hell yeah for stepping up to the plate sir, you have been contributing a lot !
@Trikar_Blockchain → Sir, I have become familiar with you via the forums, chat channels and hope I see you soon in a meeting :slight_smile:
@LauraBKK → Laura, to be honest I did not know much about you, now that your running for secretary we get to see more of who you are, so thanks and best of luck.

Ravenfields out.


@ Mexxer

1) What is your position on the current election process and using PoI for elections like this?

So current election process for me was rushed. Normally one would need to gain access to a boat load of information to make informed discussion. Like read the elections rules, the by laws, Foundation regulations etc. this takes time to consume and process, almost none of this was given. Also seems that some official Foundation members would have a slight advantage in the elections as they new about the elections before had and could canvas in advance.
So, this process needs to be changed and updated. More time to be given to the community to consume all of this.
Clearly out of all of this there was disconnect between council members and the community, information was hard to come by, the council was slow to responded(for what so ever reason) and the devs is clearly indicating, something is up.
Regarding POI, it is a viable option. We have been using it for most of our voting so far and why not use the tech that one is advocating. In saying all of that, there might be other reasons for not using POI, i.e. legal reason, but we can only speculate on what info we have.

2) What is your position on making processes, decisions and information more transparent for the community? (Council decisions, who voted on what, Foundation Charter, roadmaps, etc.)

Cleary there is a need for it. Depending on the legal rules set out in the Foundation policies I would want to make this process transparent as possible. Due to all of it being claimed to be public, it should be available to at least the Nembers. I mean there should be a medium to receive community input and a way to give the community feedback on all of this. At the end of the day, if one sits down and start thinking about a solution for all of this, one will find it.

3) What is your position on the foundation’s outside communication?

Could be improved. Was good for awhile and then seem to hit a slowdown. We need more outside communications, to push and drive NEM, reach new future Nembers and keep the existing ones excited and up to date. Leverage new innovative way of communications, maybe if you take marketing specific, why not use some of the NEM startups and the tech to see how we can assist each other in communications.
i.e. Marketing should have already been line up with Qchain, other partners should also be pulled into this. Win, win situations for all. Qchain has users to test and promote their system, get exposure and NEM and others get reduce price on marketing? I mean something could be worked out. This is just one example.

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Hi Ravenfield,

Your policy about the plans in South Africa is irrelevant for a council position. Looks like you want to use your position in the council to get a job as a head of region. Why you didn’t push NEM in SA before?

Read last post of Kailin about the end of relation with NCF and Ventures.

Good luck!

Hi Josia

Good post. Have to admit you have a strong policy and background to back it up. If your interested in keeping up to date with ventures and improving communications across organisations generally, we would be more than happy to keep a conversation open to allow for that, and perhaps implement standards and practices for communication and information deceminiation.

I also disagree with you @golgo13, regarding your statement about creating a job. Being a council member is a job in and of itself, so if Josia intends to promote nem in the south African region, that’s a positive thing. I’d be more concerned if Josia has no intention of doing so.

Good luck Josia.

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Hi @joseng62 Congratulations on your candidacy!
In regards to getting an active community in SA going, may I suggest you join the NEM Meetup Organizers group on Telegram and liaise with the SA lead there @Stephan (or here on the forum) and I believe you have just joined NEM Africa so that’s a good start as well. They have a very passionate community that would be good to harness.
Best of luck.

Hi golgo13, thanks for your input and questions.

Regarding : Your policy about the plans in South Africa is irrelevant for a council position.
My main aim was to indicate that I am willing to sow in SA. I mean it makes good business sense as I am in South Africa, an auto save on expenses for the foundation and promote NEM where I can. Being on the council would just add more value to it. Also getting Africa to work even closer together and assist each other, where required, is just a spin off bonus. It will not be my main focus, but it is on the table

Regarding : head of region
I have no desire for this position. If one is on the council I believe I would need to support any and all heads of regions. Being head and council in my eye would be a bit conflicting from an individual point of view. Prioritizing and deciding where to put in my hours would be conflicting, thus I would not want to do that.
I would rather want to encourage that we get a Head of Africa, there are a lot of suitable able people in NEM Africa.

Why you didn’t push NEM in SA before?
At the moment, it is all got to do with timing and availability. The past year required a lot of my attention, personal commitments and responsibilities. Some of those are clearing up and personally I am that type of character, the more I get invested into something, the more time and effort I automatically put in. In the back I have done as much as I can so far.
My company is looking into blockchain poc and I took the opportunity to advocate NEM.
We are having a hackathon next year and I already convinced some of my colleagues, to make use of NEM to showcase blockchain.
I joined and started going to Cape Town Blockchain meetings, that is held out our university “Stellenbosch”, so I am starting to get to know the people involved, hopefully I can do a presentation about NEM, next year.

Read last post of Kailin about the end of relation with NCF and Ventures.
I understand, but I see no harm in keeping open connection with them and have a mutual business relationship. At the end we are all the community and we should be working together. I think there is a lot of frustration around all of this, because it has only been happening selectively.

Once again, thank you golgo13 for your time and feedback.

Thank you for your input @kodtycoon.
I highly appreciate the compliments.

Regarding : If your interested in keeping up to date with ventures and improving communications across organisations generally, we would be more than happy to keep a conversation open to allow for that, and perhaps implement standards and practices for communication and information deceminiation.
Exactly, this is a none given for me. Ventures is playing an important part in the NEM community. We need to know and understand each other. There a lot of benefits that can come out of communicating. Share best practices, retro feedback, possible risk issues for the future, the more one understand the easier it is to build/improve on it. etc.
I can’t wait to get the comms channels set and going :wink:

Thanks once again for your time and feedback, kodtycoon

Thank you for the congratulations.
I must say, you have been very active and vocal these days and that is all just positives and add to a better Nem community, so thanks.

Regarding : In regards to getting an active community in SA going, may I suggest you join the NEM Meetup Organizers group on Telegram and liaise with the SA lead there @Stephan (or here on the forum) and I believe you have just joined NEM Africa so that’s a good start as well.
Thank your for the information. I have been part of NEM Africa for awhile now, I have been keeping an eye on it. You can search the phrase “Nice to see some Africans”, that is about the time I joined.
I posted Africa blockchain event on the chat, phrase, “So thinking of going to CPT one in 2019”, which I will be attending.
I also know about Stephan, I liked one of his photos in the chat, he is in Mosselbay, it’s about 3 hours drive from where I am. I definitely want to have a drink at the bar with Stephan one day and pay with NEM, maybe you could join us one day too. :slight_smile:

Well again, thank you for your time and feedback Laura and best of luck to you too!

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Wiuld love to take you up on that offer! Just had my daughter try out diving and her instructor was from SA. One of my dearest friends is from Durban.
All the best for a good weekend.


Hi Josia
Good to know you are applying for council! Solid polices and background. Also I like you mention about helping growing NEM in South Africa. That’s awesome.
Good luck with the elections! All the best for NEM . Let’s do it all together!