Just got a little extra money and want to invest in crypto, should I?

Hi I just got some extra money and I’m looking to invest, I want to invest in BTC but the price is too high for me, what do you think will be the next BTC
one you can buy low and make a good profit when it burst?

There will be no next BTC and this is probably near the cheapest you will see BTC in your lifetime. People have been saying “the price is too high for me” since bitcoin was $1.


So the price level would be what analysts say and read in the charts. Some say 4000 - 4800. “3600 to 2400”. There are some support levels which have to see volume and market participation

If you’re waiting for those prices to buy, I don’t think there’s a high probability you will get any. Best to just DCA into it. A bitcoin bull-run will be the catalyst for the he new market. And also the answer to your original question may be xem. Its the only alt im buying right now just because it’s so under the radar. As close to a value investment as you can get in crypto.


As this is a best time to invest , price is going down and take a chance.

I wouldn’t - my prediction is that crypto units will render close to worthless in near future. They gained
bizarre valuation during China speculation and GS interest, nowadays crypto ecosystem is very limited.

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A bitcoin bull-run will be the catalyst for the he new market.

Oh come on , what does it even mean ?

It means that when the next bitcoin bull run happens, towards the end of it people will take profits and move into alts. It no bitcoin bull-run happens, alts won’t pop.

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electronic money are growing very strong. And maybe this is the electronic money revolution.

Hi Emma, without knowing your particular circumstances it would be foolish to advise you on anything in the crypto markets. BTC has such high volatility that unless you were in at the start of last year you could possibly lose money very easily. Also, waiting for the best time to cash out is what traders do and requires a steely nerve, patience and very good timing! A lot of us are here for the good of the tech and are happy to wait on the returns.


Now is a good time to invest. We are after bubble bursts. Most good cryptocurrencies are very cheap. For example NEM :slight_smile: Yes market can still pull off a bit, but in my opinion not much.

Looking back in time, October is always a turning point in which something begins to happen. End of year is also a very good growth period. It was in previous years. Will it be the same this year? Time will show.

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