Keep safe your Bitcoin from hacker

If you want to secure your bitcoin there are two ways to keep safe it.

  1. Online wallets.

  2. Hardware wallets.

If you chose number one you have to take some steps for keep safe your bitcoin.

  1. Take a very heard password.

  2. Keep your password in a very secure place.

  3. Don’t save your password in online.

  4. Activate two step authentication.

  5. Don’t share your password to any one.

Hi i am new member of this grupe…please some knowlege of Bitcoin

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Today earn bitcoin possible only with skills. But you can try to earn altcoins and then change to bitcoin. If you know what is it social marketing and how it’s bored)

Welcome friend. I would suggest that looking to earn bitcoin here will almost certainly result in a scam attempt. By far the best way to obtain BTC is to buy it from a licensed exchange. DO NOT let someone talk you into buying alt-coins or join an ICO. Those are 99.99% scams. Set up a wallet and let it sync on a secure computer at home. Set up an exchange account and link it to your bank account. This will all take a week, but anything less is foolish.

Security is number 1 issue when dealing with such a delicate thing as Bitcoin. The information you give must be a reminder for everyone involved in the crypto market. Because with the financial freedom we receive from cryptocurrency, we become responsible for storing our funds safe.