Latest NEM wallet issues

I am wondering why yo cannot copy and paste addresses or anything for that matter into the latest release. You could paste in NEM wallet 2.4.7.
Is there any way for me to recover a transaction that has been lost due to an extra digit in the memo. Sent 120 NEM to Bittrex it never got there. The address was correct but one digit in the memo got doubled . The Bittrex tech support has not even answered my support request from May 30th. that is why I asked about the cut and paste. This would never have happened if that had not been left out of NEM wallet 2.5.1 Are memos a standard # of characters? If so why did the wallet allow me to send?

Thanks for any help on how I might recover the lost NEM tokens

Reported here: Windows build - Users are unable to copy/paste · Issue #655 · NemProject/NanoWallet · GitHub