LCNEM: An issuer of the NEM mosaics which are pegged with legal currencies


Hi, Good work,
I have a payment App where I can pay in any shop with my phone.
I would like to use XEM as payment in order to avoid to pay too much fees
Have you already make research on this?


Sorry, I can’t understand what you mean.
LCNEM can also be paid in less fees as well as xem.


Our product is already available, but only in Japanese.
But it will be i18n-ed.
Please look forward to it! :grinning:


Hi Yu,

I would like to know if It will be possible to use LCNEM in order to pay goods or services.
Example: I have a payment app (like Apple Pay or Google Pay)
I pay one beer at a bar with my phone. The beer cost $7.
The App in my phone make the exchange in LCNEM and I pay with it.

I just want to know If this scheme is possible?


Everything, what xem can do is also possible with LCNEM mosaics!
Because we save collateral assets, LCNEM mosaics have value.


LCNEM Wallet has been updated now!

  • Google account login
  • You don’t need to manage private key(Please save your assets with Nano Wallet)
  • Every mosaic payment is available
  • You can buy LC mosaics in realtime in the wallet

It is PWA, so you can add icon to desktop.




Can you explain how you proof or what proof will you give to your customers that you
have the real fiat collateral for the each mosaic you have issued?

Should the customers just have trust in your company like they have in any other bank
which in reality does not have (keeps) collateral in ratio 1:1.


Thank you for your interest!

Recently, we thought up new system, in which make an incentive not to issue without collateral assets.

If only LCNEM Co.Ltd issues stable coin, showing a proof of collateral assets is difficult, like tether.
So in new LCNEM Stable Coin system, LCNEM Co.Ltd. is not an only issuer. Other organizations can participate in Issuers Network.

Issuers can take fees when the stable coin is sold, so it is an incentive. But issuers are forced to compete with other issuers, so the fee level will be efficient in Economics mean.
Furthermore, this system can save every corresponding legal currencies, not portfolio of xem and legal currencies, so there will be no uncertainty.

Thanks :grinning:

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