PoliPoli: Political opinions sharing platform with a token economy in Japan


I’m a leader of LCNEM.

Today, LCNEM announced that LCNEM will cooperate with PoliPoli as a adviser of NEM technology.

I was delegated to introduce PoliPoli in English, so I’ll do it now.

PoliPoli is a political opinions sharing platform. The more good opinions you speak, the more tokens called Polin you will get.

To implement Polin token, PoliPoli decided to use NEM blockchain!!!
To know why PoliPoli adopts NEM, look at here :blush::blush::blush:

LCNEM and PoliPoli are expected projects in Japan nem community.
I would be pleasant if you are interested in PoliPoli and LCNEM :grinning:


PoliPoli innovates by “entertaining” fields in which political innovation is behind schedule.
It is a platform project which stood up to satisfy the needs of both politicians by creating political economies using token economy.

If the user gives a good remark, polypori’s own token ‘Polin’ is given to give incentives such as tokens, make high-quality remarks, slander slander and many political community services that are easy to raise the quality of services can do.

Politicians and citizens form a platform that is easy for politicians to speak by a high-quality political community.


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