LCNEM started to sell stable coins in Japan

LCNEM started to sell stable coins in Japan, which has a strict regulation for selling cryptocurrencies!

LCNEM Stable Coins are issued as prepaid payment means in Japanese law, so we can sell under the regulation.
In Japan, Act of Settlement of Funds force prepaid payment means issuers to deposit our assets to government, so counterparty risks can be suppressed.

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Yen stable coin is NEM’s first, and Japan’s first.

Now, LCNEM stable coins are “自家型前払式支払手段” = Personal prepaid payment means. It is because to issue “第三者型前払式支払手段” = Prepaid payment means with settlement system for third party stores,
net asset 100,000,000 Yen is required.


To get net asset for deposit and to exceed the criteria, we want to use NEM community fund proposal.


  • Transfer legal currencies with 0.05 XEM to everywhere
  • DEX with legal currencies
  • Forex trading in DEX

We would appreciate your support!!!


Hi, I am one of the LCNEM’s Project Members.
In Japan, this project is coming to spread among Japanese crypt currency industry.
If this project is spreading more and more not only in Japan but also around the world, crypt currency inductry itself will get into swing !!!


HI there,I am a menber of LCNEM.
this project is spreading among Japanese crypt currency industry now
If this project goes well, people can use money more freely, so please continue to believe in us.

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We are LCNEM.
The following is a “Future vision of LCNEM”.

“Prepaid payment method”

LCNEM is legally a prepaid payment method, classified as “self-contained type” . This is because there is no contract with a franchise store or a settlement system for contract franchisees.

However, since self-type can “only” sell other prepaid payment methods such as Amazon gift tickets etc., , so it is natural that we chose a choice for the transition to “third party type”.

Q. What is a self-contained prepaid payment method and a third party prepaid payment method?

If LCNEM moves to a third party type, LCNEM will be able to respond to cash to franchise stores even if LCNEM cannot respond to the cash payment of all users based on the capital investment law (in addition to preventing Money Laundering).

If LCNEM does, you will be able to exchange not only with Amazon gift tickets but also with merchandise of all franchises, so the price (lc:jp, lc:usd etc,) will be more stable.

However, there is the strict “Cabinet order” that net assets must exceed 100 million in order to issue third party prepaid payment method.

“Self-type prepayment type payment method with issue amount exceeding 10 million yen”
“Third party type prepayment type payment method”
are obliged to deposit assets equivalent to more than half of the unused balance after issuing to the country. (There are also aspects that LCNEM can suppress counterparty risk by this)

In order to exceed the limit of net assets and prepare for deposit, it is our prospect that LCNEM will choose not only fundraising but also using NEM community fund proposals. We think that LCNEM has a huge potential to recharge NEM block chains, so we would like to propose it.

”LCNEM Taking over the commission”

When sending transactions, NEM imposes a commission on XEM for purposes ,for example, preventing spams.
However, to purchase XEM, you have to register at the Cryptocurrency Exchange, which makes it difficult for LCNEM to reach to some who want to make cashless remittance with LCNEM, but are not interested in cryptocurrencies with intense volatility.

Therefore, by using the “aggregate transaction” which can collectively execute multiple transactions at once,
When Alice sends X lc: jpy to Bob
LCNEM sends 0.05 XEM (commission fee) to Alice
Bob sends 5 lc: jpy to LCNEM
Alice sends X lc: jpy to Bob (purpose)
We think that it would be better to create an API that makes these transactions into aggregate transactions.

In this way, even if Alice does not buy XEM (the funds will be given to the recipient Bob), Alice can use the block-chain at all without going through the Cryptocurrency Exchange.

in conclusion,
“Cashless remittance of revolutionary commission”
“Substitution of statutory currency at DEX (Distributed Exchange)”
“Forex trading at DEX”

Because the potential is huge, we think that we will step forward more and more.
Please continue to believe in us.

this is quoted from blog of our CEO (


Can you please also create a diagram with English label.

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