Ledger Giveaway to NF Paid Members

Dear NEM Foundation Members,

Hope you are doing well and staying safe!

We hope that everyone was able to see Kristy’s AMA here discussing the future of NIS1. And as you are aware, the NEM Foundation will no longer be actively working on NIS1.

With the successful launch of Symbol and the closing of the NEM Foundation, we want to sincerely thank you for being part of the NEM community and for all your support. As a parting gift to those that were paid members of the NEM Foundation, we want to give you a special limited edition Nano Ledger S Symbol branded hardware wallet that you can use to hold your XEM and XYM.

For those eligible, you will receive an email within the next day with further instructions on how to redeem your hardware wallet coupon code, as well as a transaction and message sent to your NEM account. You must still have access to your official NEM Foundation account to participate in this giveaway. This is the same address for instance that a member could use to vote in an election. Exceptions will not be made for those that do not have access to their officially registered address.

Please use this link to redeem the coupon code as it will not work on Ledger’s normal website since a special page has been created for NEM members. You will receive only one code, and only one code can be used at a time during redemption.

If you have any questions please contact [email protected]





I haven’t received my message, my wallet address has changed?
You must use your official NEM Foundation account. All NIS1 NEM on-chain messages should have been sent out.

I have returned the mosaic per instructions but why haven’t I gotten an automatic reply?
We are processing the coupon code deliveries manually. Please check your NIS1 account in 2-3 business days.

I forgot my NEM Foundation account address?
You should have been sent a confirmation email when you registered, please search your email.

Can I receive more than one ledger wallet?
No, the code only allows you to redeem one ledger wallet.

How long will it take to ship?
You will be notified of the estimated shipping time once you checkout as it varies between countries. For many countries 3-5 weeks from order to delivery can be expected.

Is this real or spam?
This is a real giveaway that NEM Foundation is hosting. You do not have to participate if you don’t want to.

Do I have to pay anything for this?
No, you already paid for membership to the NEM Foundation.

How long will I have to redeem my special edition Symbol Ledger?
All Ledgers must be claimed by June 25th, 2021. Any coupon codes that are attempted to be redeemed after this date will not be guaranteed to be valid.

I’m trying to receive my Ledger to my address in the Philippines or other rejected location, why won’t it accept my address?
For those members that are located in the Philippines, in addition to the locations listed on this page, we regret to pass on the information that Ledger will not ship to those locations. However, there are no rules against having the Ledger shipped to an available country on your behalf that can then be forwarded on to you via a third party.


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The first batch of coupon codes is being distributed. For those that have returned their mosaic, you should find a coupon code in your wallet now you can use to redeem a Ledger for free on the Ledger website!


Mummy and daddy look so happy now!


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looking good. glad you got one.

Hi, Is there any reliable information when the process of winding up the Foundation will finally be completed ?