Lightning Networks on Catapult?


I was wondering whether or not we’re going to see the neccesarry ground work for lightning networks/payment channels with catapult.

Would anyone be able and willing to answer that ?

Maybe there is going to be something similar ?

I’m not sure how exactly it would work, since NEM doesn’t use the UTXO system, but it should still be possible right ?

This is clearly a very usefull feature to have, especialy for businesses, so I think it would be a mistake to not make this possible with such a big revision or soon after.


bump since I really think this is important and I can’t believe nobody can answer this at all.


I don’t know of a lightning network in the roadmap.

Catapult will have some “lightning network” features, such as more transactions per second.

I don’t know much more than that though.


Thanks Saul, I appreciate you answering :slight_smile:


In theory, I guess we can do something much more secure for cross-chain support. That will be implemented later one. As for payment channels, yes, with things like time locks and multisig, you can do some cool things.

I suspect NEM will do “lightning networks” much better than Lightning network after Catapult has all its features.


have any projects started working this?


That tech would very valuable when considering micropayments,
could it benefit XEM faucet platform for instance?

Like sending faucet micropayments to a “private nem blockchain” and then when user withdraws,
the total amount is written in the public nem blockchain and transfered to the user.
It could be done without a blockchain of course, but think about p2pools, they have sidechains too.

There would be a huge save on fees, so that the faucet only pays important fees when sending the total amount txs in mainnet.

Another example is a prepaid balance for buying coffes.
The user pays 15-20$ to open a channel, between him and the shop, and keeps spending money.
Then after some time, channel is closed and balances are claimed and written to public chain.


@Jaguar0625 any info or insights on this?


Not to my knowledge.