Lightwallet STANDALONE 1.1 + 1.2


zip of lightwallet 1.2 requires a password


I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but when I attempt to create a namespace (provision namespace transaction)

I get an ‘invalid address’ for the Rental Sink address, so I can’t proceed to purchase a namespace.


It says ‘failed at announce, invalid address’, for the address that starts TAMESP


Ok now I am getting ‘not a valid name id part’ on any of the names I have selected.

I checked first to make sure the names haven’t already been registered


omg now it says - ‘failure to send timestamp too far into the future’ this is a complete pain


‘failed at announce, invalid address’

old version (and you’re posting in old thread, this one is current Lightwallet STANDALONE 1.4, 1.6, 1.7)

‘not a valid name id part’

as said - invalid name, most likely invalid characters, I believe this was in the tutorial…

‘failure to send timestamp too far into the future’

that one is actually a bug, as lightwallet should get time from nis server (right now it tries to use system time)
that means, your system clock is a bit off when compared with network time.

(fastest thing would be to synch your system clock, if win:

I’ll try to fix time bug in one of following releases.


someone is begging to be flagged for spam.


I eventually managed to secure a namespace. I didn’t realize capital letters weren’t allowed.

Plus as suggested, I synced my PC clock with, it was a few seconds out.

Not sure why you think my posts were spam patmast3r? My issues were genuine, but have been sorted now.

Thank you gimer for the advice.


It’s no biggie but you made 4 consecutive posts instead of just using the edit post feature.


Ok, let me rephrase my question.

With the community client, the lightwallet and the mobile client, NEM users can now choose between three possible clients. We should avoid to leave room for confusion. Be it for potential new users, newbies or stakeholders.

Therefore, I was hoping to receive some advice on when and in what situations (use cases) it is best to use which of the three client’s. Off course everybody can use all three daily, but what criteria can be used to make a choice?
In my opinion, possible confusion about this will limit the NEM success.

Thanks in advance to share your thoughts.

  1. lightwallet does not have all the features yet (but that’s matter of time, as lightwallet development is much easier than ncc)

  2. no multisig setup (although it handles multisig accounts fine)

  3. no setup of delegated harvesting - some design decisions are needed

  4. no harvesting - related to 2) (lightwallet will have only delegated harvesting, no sense to have non-delegated harvesting inside lightwallet)

  5. no “boot” node feature - that probably won’t ever be avail in lightwallet

  6. no translations - YET! (it requires some changes to allow that)

  7. ncc has:

  8. only very basic support for namespaces and mosaics - and most likely that won’t happen soon

  9. no support for V2 transactions (sending mosaics) - same as above, probably won’t happen soon

  10. mobile - that’s not a competitor, rather supplement, no one likes to use web browser on the smart phone, dedicated apps usually work MUCH better

My humble opinion: lightwallet IS the future.





  • always use the newest version (you will find the newest version on - right now not in a convenient way because of trouble with google false positive malware flagging)
  • discuss general lightwallet topics in the current light wallet thread (new threads will be made by @gimer from time to time)
  • create new thread if you have a specific problem

current lightwallet thread: Lightwallet STANDALONE 1.4, 1.6, 1.7