List of confirmed xem xym exchanges

Can there be a pinned list of confirmed XEM XYM exchanges? Eg the ones that will give you XYM if you have your XEM on that exchange.


As of now, there are three:

New Capital Exchange

*Note: Coincheck announced that they would Opt-in their wallets but NOT how they would distribute XYM to Its customers.

We hope to have more onboard in the coming weeks.

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I’m sorry, but then we should ask ourselves whether Coincheck will be allowed for opt-in at all.
Coincheck has done enough damage to the NEM blockchain.
And yes, I know this;

1 NA2P5F6DHPZMUJMKR2E2HNBFHDQVC3YRYNPFEH3V 679,164,323.784856 2020-11-06 06:22:36


PS: It would also be interesting how the Japanese community thinks about it.
Perhaps we should have attached certain conditions for exchanges to the opt-in process?

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I don’t think we can restrict who does and does not opt-in as that sets a precedent we do not want to set. On the plus side, Coincheck has implemented multi-sig on their exchange wallets so there are some upsides.
I’ll let the Japanese community speak for themselves, but there are a LOT of XEM in there.

We’ll be updating the exchange list on the website as well.

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