List of ICOs build



I checked the list of great NEM Projects and I was surprised by the fact that how many projects were unsuccessful or simply scams. Therefore, I may wonder why the NEM team did not remove those projects from the list? I would appreciate it if we could discuss this topic. Thanks!

The link to the list :


I believe allot of those projects were for developers to know more than the idea of consumer use. The developers use these apps to create their own app, I know because we’re developing our own project on NEM


Perhaps, the developers were just trying to get their hands into the blockchain. Someone can also get back to his/her project later, I suppose.


In the current situation is it normal that ICOs are unsuccsesful. Most likely, developers have worked with different ideas.


It does need some clean up, good point to develop a clean list as we look towards the launch of Catapult soon. We’ll work towards it.