Local storage disappeared [SOLVED]


I just tried to login into my NEM wallet, but when clicking the “select a wallet in local storage” tab there was none left.
Any idea, how this is possible?
Then, of course, I have a details, like wlt etc…
So, I tried “import wallet” Then clicking “choose file” omnly a part of the files om the stick were shown and not the wlt file, I had that one on notepad.
So, I am not making much progress getting into my wallet.
I would appreciate some help.


If your browser’s local storage was cleaned you should import wlt file from backup or make the new one by signing up with your private key


Thanks for the quick response. can I bother you once more, because I like to be sure I don’t do something wrong and lose my coins.
So, please tell me if I am making a mistake or do the right thing.
I go to right top and click signup, I select privaye key ( because I have one), click ready, choose “mainnet”( like I did before) and click next. Then I fill in my old wallet name and use my old passport and the finally fill in my priate key?
Is this the way to do it?


@ontopicplease wallet name and password may be whatever you want. Only important thing is choose mainnet and provide your private key from backup.


thanks guys for explaining

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