[lokchain] NEM will grow stronger with this support

This relies on NEM smart Asset.

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We have had some overhaul. In the spirit of growing an organic community. We have decided to launch the Lokdon multi purpose wallet dapp ahead of the 3 weeks falling on the auspicious date Feb, 14 2019. The dapp will help protect your presence in internet from the big techs. They are constantly diminishing the autonomy of your data. Therefore making your privacy a public affair. Today, we will put an end to this by introducing this decentralized application.

The only 2048 Bits Encryption Blockchain built for Scaling and Interoprability.

Combining Mobile, Blockchain and IoT to create Interblockchain. - The new era of IoT of values.

:small_blue_diamond:LCN Token or Lokchain Token, is a security token.

:tent:website: https://lokchain.io [sorry site is being migrated try again tomorrow]


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYdH8AyoTeA

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/interoperability-scaling-blockchain-josiah-j-umezurike/

Crowdholding: https://medium.com/@crowdholding/lokchain-combining-interblockchain-and-iot-to-create-blockchain-4-0-9ae6a08fcad6

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