Lokdon: Blockchain 2.0 Maturity

To support industry 4.0. This new technology (BC) must recognize as viable features these:

  1. The system makes sure that all data are 2048 bits of encryption both transient and locally -quantum immunity.

  2. We must implore dynamic random keys of 680-digit long or more, that never store anywhere.

  3. We must remove PKI and key management as we know it today, thus interoperation and scaling will possible with no-frills.

  4. We must not use password hashing at all, except for checking the integrity of strings.

  5. The keys will remain dynamic (changing) for any message no matter how small

  6. IAM used here must be based on bio-metrics e.g fingerprints, iris, voice etc., Behavioral patterns and physiological appendages.

  7. We must have multiple attributes to perform authentication for the system access.

  8. The system must exhibit both neo symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic implementation

  9. The mechanism execution is very fast with zero knowledge proof (ZKP) and scalable

  10. It could be used anywhere on any system software or hardware.

  11. The encryption is more of the modular forms- M1-M5 aiding a-BFT to exonerate the curse of blockchain.

  12. Every node can update/upload transaction record ledger i.e DApp of other software will derive as well.

  13. There will be no need to broadcast transaction if only vetted profiles are approved through Biometrics-Mult-Auth (Fingerprints + Auth), physiological appendages and behavioral patterns etc.,

  14. Prove of SuA -> Po(SuA) = (PoS); and Simple UWA Assignment (SuA) as a means of vetting profile’s Universal Wallet Address (UWA).—Removing DDOS and serves as sovereign ID.

  15. Data uniqueness is guaranteed, where the letter ‘a’ is sent across one node, about 10 times. That letter must represent 10 different characters periodically.