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How about an article about an alternative to the Patent System of IP marketing based exclusively on NEM’s mosaic’s.

The basic points with graphics would be:

  • Discriminatory Nature of Patents towards big business.

  • The Patent requirement not to Publish anything before lodging the minimum of a provisional patent or entering into confidentiality agreements with potential equity partners is a major barrier to inventions in fields considered too technical for the non-academic.

  • The Patent protection system is an illusion based on the expertise of the Patent attorney’s ability to word the patent to cover all future uses without actually giving enough detail to build it without the inventors additional explanations.

  • A discussion on the various models of implementation for my alternative Exameable Tiered Trade Secret (ETS) I described on my Qbitrex announcement post.

I’m not an expert on NEM’s mosaic’s and I would be relying on feed back from the Java Guru’s to comment on the best methods with the existing mosaic structure OR what additional fields might be needed.

Thanks for your attention.

Here’s some examples of my work:


Mosaics are not necessarily for patents. Mosaics are ideal for tokens of value that need high-frequency trading.

Your idea would maybe apply to the up and coming Apostille system but would even require an update or two to the current version of Apostille although not impossible.


Sorry for my ignorance but how could this tokens be used for high frequency trading or transactions?

Can you explain more in details how would this work?



Thanks for that.

Sounds like in its present state the NEM Mosaic could be used as a colored coin to represent shares in someones crypto corporation.

That field called “Levy” certainly is handy if an initial buyer sells the mosaic the original owner/creator of the mosaic would get a piece of the action.

So high frequency trading of the mosaic would generate a mining like income, perfect.

The only problem and correct me if I’m wrong the Mosaic creator has to maintain a separate stakeholder information system/website if he wants to provide customer service.

For example he has to manually enter the transaction/account number of the stakeholder into a separate website database of the colored coin/mosaic. This information comes from his wallet once he sees the purchase of the mosaic go through, via a previously supplied unique stakeholder hash number pasted into the buy message of the NEM light wallet within the website by the new stakeholder attracted to the colored coin/mosaic by the marketing campaign.

The Ethereum dream was to facilitate all that through their smart contract script solidity. This has apparently turned into a nightmare with the DAO hack. It seems it’s too insecure allowing untrusted nodes control over objects AND methods in the blockchain via the script.

That’s why the NEM model is more robust roll out general purpose objects with more bells and whistles over time and let the node maintain and develop their own methods in Java.


NEM is being built to scale and with both content and volume. So we will be able to handle lots and lots of different mosaics being traded back and for more than a million accounts for more than a million transactions a day. I’m sure if I can say with exact numbers how high, but that is a pretty good start for a public chain.

And as for Mijin, it will be some magnitude higher.


We have a new blog bounty rate.


We need some new tutorial blogs for Nano.


  1. How to do remote delegated harvesting and local harvesting through a local host (with a delegated key).
  2. How to make a multisig contract or edit it
  3. Making a namespace and mosaic


some new suggestions added


Still open for suggestions.


Added how to harden a NEM node and the economics of harvesting and scale.


I’ve managed to setup ssh key-based authenticaton
in my VPS node, and disabled the use of passwords to login.
As I noticed from logs, the network is running brute force ssh attacks.
Would it be interesting if I write a topic on setting key-based ssh authentucation for a Linux node, along with Windows putty login to node with the same method?


Hello Jabo38, is it still possible to write blog posts for you guys? Would love the opportunity. Best regards.


yep, these bounties are still available.


I can do spanish blog posts and even translate the already existing ones. In case you guys are interested in spanish the second most spoken language worldwide.


Im going to look into it. Would love to support the network more. The work nem has done so far is amazing. cheers for the reply


R3N3 & Volker (forum user: RPI3NEM), we both will do the Blog about Nr. 14 - Starting up NEM on a Raspi 3 video tutorial.
We are keeping contact with jeff and will finish NR. 14 until 05/31/2017.
kind regards


Working on Development resource intro tutorial (short introduction of all the development resources and links)


Hi, i’m new to blogwriting so i would like to ask, is number 17 still available? and also where do i send my article?


I would like to try and do apostille tutorial, is it ok if i use testnet for it ?
@jabo38 , sry saul wrong tag :wink:


  • Creating an apostille file, choosing hash and type
  • public /private
  • one account/ Multisig
  • Auditing apostille files, checking validity
  • Example of unauthorised modification of file and failed apostille check
  • Modifying and updating apostille files
  • Transferring/splitting ownership by converting to multisig acc

i will start tomorrow, give you a draft, or how much i can, and we’ll talk from there,
i do need some guidance on what do you WANT in the tutorial, is there any points missed (altho i know there are ^)
and how technical or not the tutorial has to be. Do i need to explain the process of how hashes are made, or i just concentrate on describing the use of apostilles and add how to on basic stuff ?

I could make video also, at least i plan to…sorry for million edits, it’s tidier XD