Looking for Blog writers for the NEM blog. Bounties will be given


Could it be interesting with some easy to read/understand infographics on simple topics like “how to create a wallet”, “how to back up a wallet”, “how to Delegated Harvesting” ?

Infograph example: www.steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@aenima/why-cryptocurrency-prices-are-still-very-low-infographic


Yes, please do. If you need coins, please pm me on Telegram or ask in a chat and others can give you.


when i write in Dutch is that ok too , or only englisch :wink:

and a blogsite in dutch with a dutch name like nem-coins.nl or nemcoins.nl wil that help ?


Is the tutorial for NanoWallet regarding “How to make a multisig contract or edit it” is open ?
I would give et a try… :slight_smile:


How about in German? For preparetion of Masterthesis, my fellow Studycolleges and I have done some thorough research on the Blockchain Technology. We were so overwhelmed with the advancement of the technology, that we have decided to publish our findings on a website in German with the goal, that any newbie to the blockchain space, can get a grounded understand of the technology.

In anycase, I could very well see the website expand into a specific blockchain technology like NEM. Also, since we are very excited about the developsment at NEM, we would very much like to do this.

Let me know, if you are interested to support this.


Can it also be a general blog that explains what Nem is and why people might want to take a look at it? How it differentiaties itself from all the other projects in current blockchain space? Not technical, more in layman terms. This is important because not all people read technical blogs as they don’t have the knowledge.


I made a video that fits into this category:
Blog about user Nelz’s “What is NEM? And all the companies around it,” infographic and explanation.


Hi everyone.

I’ll admit, I’m new to cryptocurrency. Until recently, the only cryptos I knew were Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple.
Over the last couple of years I’ve watched Bitcoin rising, while missing the “train” and watching it grow until present when it broke the 2000$ barrier. I told myself that that was it…You only get a chance once in a life-time, but then again, when I saw NEM, I realized that sometimes life will actually give you a second chance. And boy it did :).

First time I found out about NEM, I was surfing the net about something that had little to do with it, and for I don’t recall what reason, I clicked on the page and the more I was reading, the more I was drawn-into. I already knew that Bitcoin was a volatile digital coin as history proved, so I was surprised to see how steady but surely NEM was growing despite any external factors like Bitcoin’s swings.Therefore, I did more research, and it didn’t take long for me to get my answer on why NEM is excluded from any of Bitcoin’s swings while most of the other coins follow its tendencies.

The answer was that NEM is a totally different thing that has nothing to do with Bitcoin, and since it doesn’t share its structure, it doesn’t share its swings either. I was willing invest some money into something of value, but being a guy who earned his paycheck by selling property for a couple of years, I knew that if I was about to put money on NEM, it wasn’t because of the benefits it provided. I needed to trust the coin and the crew behind it because at the end of the day, when you’re selling a product, you’re not actually selling the product but you’re selling TRUST.

Therefore, I did further research, and I learned about the crew behind NEM, I did my best to understand their philosophy and I came to the conclusion that if I put my money now, it’s for the long-run and on the winning side. And so I did.

When I bought NEM, I did it a couple of hours right before the hard-fork of Bitcoin. I knew that NEM was too expensive to buy with flat currency, so I had to buy Bitcoin (for the first time) and willingly lose 7% on transaction fees. I had to do it on the private market, because the exchanges were to slow due to verification process plus wire-transfer…and it would have taken ages, and due to that, I would have missed the spot before the hard-fork. So, I took a leap of faith, and bought from private persons. Luckly, it all went well.

I knew that after the Fork, whoever had bitcoins, would receive an equal amount of Bitcoin cash. But, I told myself this: The Hard Fork will send Bitcoin price to the toilet, making it go 50% down as many predicted. I told myself that for 400$ that I would have earned since I had one bitcoin, it’s not worth the risk as I expect Bitcoin to go down so bad that the 400$ from BCC wouldn’t cover the loss. So, I sold my Bitcoin right before the Fork. And I got almost 17K XEM.

The outcome? By the time the Fork started, Bitcoin went down, NEM is up and I already made a profit that almost covers my loss of BCC but that’s not what really matters. What matters is that once again, NEM is rising against all other coins that go down along Bitcoin. And I expect it to keep rising as the crew behind NEM is pushing the pedal to create wonders with this coin. And of course, Catapult and NEM Exchange will only make the coin price to go skyrocket which is normal.

I am glad that the crew hasn’t heavely marketed the coin, did their homework to get things done at their best, working behind the courtains, and see the bigger picture. As far as I’m concerned, NEM is the coin that will surpass Bitcoin by 2019-2020. It’s just my personal opinion and I stick to it.

Good luck to everyone and I am glad to be among you here.


Is there a bounty for if I can get NEM in a popular magazine? Everyone has done a great job of explaining it technically but I want to reach out to people who may be intimidated by this and show them some real world applications.


I am sure you would receive some XEM if you got NEM in a magazine.


Is there a list of all the articles in which bounties were given out to blog writers, would be good to read it! have seen the articles but not sure if they are linked to the bounties and how much…


A bounty was paid for nearly any blog post that was authored by a community member.

The amount of XEM paid varies greatly depending on how valuable XEM was worth at the time of writing.


We would like to blog on upcoming NEM based ICOs and the new NEM ICO exchange projects


i stardet recording a videoblog with my wife. what you guyz think, it is the first video we finishd. plz keep in minde that we are not native speakers and we also want to make it on german as well. we will work on a nem info chanel. if you wish to help by donation we are happy. plz send to NCZJAGWCXPPTLFFAVZIB7DBIWDSK6GSI53AAWH7X
but we manly want to know if quality of vid is okay we will work on better information. But maine target is promoting nem.

i think piano is to load in background …?also final version will be hd


Bravo Dorian ! :sunglasses: Good job mate !


New writing bounties rules are posted on the website. https://nem.io/community/marketing-bounties/


I love the video. I also agree the piano should be softer.


So it is up n running. next video will be up next monday.

we chose Kripto Kitty as name if we need to expend because of nem icos


A short shot


Hello, I’m having trouble reaching you via the TELEGRAM app, so I’m sorry to replying in the wrong subject discussion… I have an account, username @GarrettL , and after writing a lengthy news article in the I was instructed to contact 3 other people before being directed to you. Please contact me when you can, thanks.