Looking for dev to hire

Hi all, i am setting up a webshop that will implement use of mosaics, i will further discuss the idea with possible candidates. what is required is to design a plugin for woocommerce, you can start by editing the woocomerce xem gateway, as it’s already cheking the blockhain for transactions and i have that one installed and tested.

I need following logic implemented , user would link their webshop account with NEM acc addreess, the system would check if the buyer has certain mosaic, and would apply special rules like discount, or access to hidden content. The accounts from there on should be linked, to prevent misuse by using the same acc number. Only way to transfer the discount would be to transfer a mosaic to new owner.

I cannot pay up front, the shop will have to get established for some time first, but i think i have a fair proposition,

I will give 5% of all XEM transactions done using the webshop to the partner who can develop and if really required support the system that i want implemented. FOR LIFE (of the webpage at least :slight_smile: )
Also, in the meantime, the dev partner would get some items from shop for free, others for ridiculous ammounts.

the shop is based on mycology supplies, cultures and herbal remedies.

The production team consists of 2 partner mycology labs and a number of enthusiasts that have produced a quality product.

this project has recurring income potential, two companies where built on the products we will be listing, and is real as it gets.

We are expanding business worldwide hence the need for next gen webshop… also i would like to popularize NEM technology as much as i can…

thank you for your time, and you can see samples of products in my shop in marketplace