Looking for manufacturers of agricultural ecological machinery


Hello minna-san

I’m Anton and I’m from Russia. English is not my own language please forgive me for mistakes. Also I can speak Japanese a little bit. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.
I feel happy that knew about this platform. I know not a lot about NEM right now but would like to know more and more.

I’d like ask you, do you know some businesses (in Korea, Japan, etc) witch produce an agricultural machinery? Such as machinery, blockchain sensors, solar or water energy system etc. All for ecological agriculture.

I’d like to speak about any contract for it. My nem account for private messages is NCT6ZQ-OWOEWC-IUW75N-JBPVKC-B4QXCY-BDLEHU-HD5H

And I’d like to speak about this wishes with you.

Thank you dear community for attention!


hello Anton san,

As far as i know there is no such product has been developed with NEM in Japan.
Do you have any idea? please share with us.


Thank you Takeuchi san for your answer.
Ok, I try to ask some questions here and maybe we could resolve it :slight_smile:

I think how to use NEM technology in usual live. The main questions I’d like to resolve are

  1. To create store of derivatives like futures on food, derivatives like parts of business, also security token for cryptocurrency exchanges
  2. To find real investors to build real business communication onto the blockchain.
  3. Maybe to find manufacturer of machinery or solar system etc to create some long-term service contract when farmer pay rewards to manufacturer not right now. Pay after 1-2 years but several years.

I working on it about 1 year and but my own resources are not enough to realize my ideas. Mostly idea is how to get agriculture investments for ecological investors which can save ground in good condition. My team has land in Russia about 160Ha and we slowly build own farm but we are a little slow in it.

I guess that any blockchain is interested in transactions and business inside blockchain is not it? But how we can create this transactions?

What I can do on NEM right now

  1. I can create electronic derivatives like mosaics
  2. I can create agreements in Appostile
  3. And possibly I can to earn good open carma into blockchain after long time using of it

What I have no right now

  1. Access to crypto Investors
  2. Store of my own crypto derivatives
  3. Reward algorithm for investors

In the past I thought about next algo
I buy PoW miner, PoS or PoI node etc, and mine (harvest, etc) and after send rewards like investment for my usual business, send reward for investrors and after 2-3 years send extra rewards from usual business. But now cryptomining cannot give me a big profit. Maybe I don’t know a lot about harvesting and my importance is not very high? :slight_smile:

Also I thought how to create crowdfunding site. But it is also complicated for small team like mine.

So this is a reason I asking NEM communities could my ideas be resolved? Now I’m learning github for turnkey solutions.

Thank you for attention.


hello there,

  1. Sadly, access to crypto investors is a bit of a burden. They all hide or maybe there is no real investors yet ;). Just kidding, there is definitely ways to attract great investors, but that will not be through only ICOs and the-like. If your product actually solves such a real worls use case, go for online marketing, you will be amazed at the amount of people it can relay to you. And of course other digital marketing paths, in which I am not an expert.

  2. On NEM, your apostilles are actually (HD-) accounts on the NEM blockchain. I am a bit unsure what you are asking here? Also, mosaics are stored on NEM accounts.

  3. Reward algorithm can be solved very easily with Levy fees. Example:

  • each of your investors buys one specific mosaic which has a levy fee with itself.
  • anytime someone transfers this mosaic, a sink address will receive a said fee (principle of levies)
  • every year or 2 years, you can run a small script that will distribute the accumulated levies to your investors.

Hope to solve a few of your questions here. Feel free to ping for more. :v:


You’ve bought me up with this phrase :heart_eyes:


I think crypto investment should be combined with a traditional one, otherwise it would be too volatile


I liked it too.