Looking for ncc 0.6.87-BETA to recover wallet

I appear to be having the same problem as this guy a few months ago.

I neglected to get the private key to one of my old wallets, and now when I try to recover the wallet, it shows up in nanowallet as “mijiln” and “undefined”. I agree with Quantum that it’s almost certainly not a mijiln wallet. It starts with an N, and I never messed around with mijiln, it just shows up that way now when imported into nanowallet (which looks to me like a bug that was either fixed or introduced).

I’m guessing the wallet is corrupted since importing it into nanowallet fails (keeps going back to “wallet needs an upgrade” when I put in the password), and the latest ncc 0.6.91 says it’s the wrong password (I’m absolutely sure the password is correct, I verified it multiple times and used it regularly months ago).

That said, I have one final clue. In my old logs, I note I used to run 0.6.87-BETA release. Is it possible for someone to dig this up if it still exists? It seems unlikely (but not impossible) that my backup wallet files are corrupted the same way and having the same problem, so I wonder if a bug in 0.6.87-BETA yielded a malformed wallet file that can’t be read by later versions.

I appreciate any help! I thought I was fully covered by multiple backups of the wallet file and proven working password, but obviously I was wrong.

You have luck I did not erase the old version from my computer.
you can download it from here:

file hash is (sha256sum):

Let me know when you are done so I can remove it from there.

@gimre, @BloodyRookie
Maybe will be a good idea to put all older NIS/NCC versions in some public repository so people
can access them if they need.

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I just done quick test with version shared by @freigeist and it was no problem with importing wallet created in 0.6.87 using 0.6.91. I’m afraid this is not problem with version only.
@Hackerbee can I ask what error code shows NCC when you put password? “ERROR 124 NIS: ADDRESS BOOK PASSWORD INCORRECT” ?

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Just an update I found all older releases here:

So if anyone needs it you can check github.


Thanks @freigeist, I got it and it didn’t help.

@CryptoBeliever yes that’s the error code I’m getting. That error code looks very much like a bad password (or a corrupted wallet file) but the weird import behavior from nano wallet, calling it Mijin – undefined really makes me wonder if something else is wrong.

If you have any further suggestions, I’d love to hear them! I might play with the password some more on the off chance that it was written down wrong (it wasn’t, I always used it straight from the password manager) but it looks like these funds are lost to me.


You mentioned NanoWallot tha you have problem importing this but you can you open that wallet in NCC or not?

@freigeist no, I get the “ERROR 124 NIS: ADDRESS BOOK PASSWORD INCORRECT” error when I try to open in NCC.

@Hackerbee I have some experiance after trying solve problem from:

Already wrote some script trying found password based on NCC code. If you provide me your adb file related with wallet and password you think is OK I can try find correct for you.

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Sure. I can’t find a PM link anywhere, though. Maybe you could PM me and I can respond?

Seriously I looked everywhere I could think of – in your profile, in my inbox etc… and I just can’t find any way to write a note except to reply to this post!

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From when is you backup?

@BloodyRookie July 2017 – when 0.6.87-BETA was the latest release just before the final release I imagine.

this probably won’t help you, but last ncc, prior to drop is avail here: http://bob.nem.ninja/last-ncc/