Looking for NEM Web App Developers

I’m looking developers to create a NEM web application with a wallet function where user can send and receive XEM and coin.


How sophisticated does the wallet need to be? I’ve seen a lot of forks based off of the Nano Wallet.

It’s for a community to purchase Mosaic token using XEM. Basically there’s a user dashboard where a user can conduct the transaction, and see his/her token and XEM balance.

Where you on the telegram chat asking about this?
If so I believe you want someone to set up the nanowallet on a server.
This is a task that the NEM devs have decided against, because it can cause serious security issues.
Make sure you hire a competent developer, because anyone can host the nanowallet on a webserver in a few minutes, but making sure it stays secure takes a lot more skill.

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I see. How do you suggest to run an ICO? I’ve done an Ethereum-based ICO and collected about 1 million USD and my next ICO will be using NAM. Appreciate if you could share some insights.

Hello .

I have never run an ICO but i suppose you have done the following in ethereum.

  1. open an ICO address
  2. create your token
  3. maybe setup a smart contract on that address that will send your token
    to users that sent ETH to that addres in proportion you have decided.

The simila thing you can do in NEM

  1. create a multisignature account 2 of 3 for example (for security reasons)
  2. issue your mosaic (token)
  3. setup 3 nodes (apps in whatever programming language) that will scan for incoming xem transactions to your ICO account and send your mosaic to users that sent XEM in proportion you have decided.

This is just rough description of the process.
You will have to check here https://bob.nem.ninja/docs/
for how to do it.

Or there is even an example project about this:


Great! So different from writing a smart contract, all I need to do is to setup 3 nodes that will scan for incoming xem transactions to the ICO account and send the mosaic to the users!

Thanks for the info!

Well yes and you can use any language that you want php, nodejs, c# python
all you need to do is call the API .

Also do not forget that a multisignature account in that case would be really important to have
because it can avoid your funds to be stolen.
Also this option is a part of official API integrated in NEM blockchain.

You can check this here

It should help you to grasp the concept.

Also you can setup your ICO in the test network without any cost first
so the workflow can be debugged and tested before you deploy it on the main network.

You will require some test XEM to do that whic you can request freely here:

Also a really important thing:
when you create your accounts on the main block chain
the 1st thing to do is to backup you wallet files and private keys and test if they work. :wink:
Only then you should proceed.

I wish you success with your ICO. :wink:


Ok this is very helpful! Now I have some test XEM to setup and test my ICO thanks to your guide.

Let me know if you still need help with this.

can get nem developer here

Hello man, do you still looking for app developers?
If yes, I work in custom software development company and we specialized on app development with blockchain technology.
In addition, we already had projects with the implementation of cryptocurrencies including NEM.