Looking for social startup investment via blockchain

I would like to fund my social startup via blockchain. I realized that most of startups here are getting funded via ICOs, they create coins and they distribute coins to investors. My app is social one like Snapchat or Vine, it doesn’t require coins. Can I look for investment via blockchain without ICO and coins?

Blockchain - is a continuously growing list of linked records - blocks. Creation of your own token - is the process of issuing new cryptocurrency (crypto token).

  1. if your app use blockchain (you would like to store user mssages in blocks for example) and do not require crypto - you need blockchain.
  2. If your app does not related to blockchain and all you need is to get funds(money) on ICO - you do not need blockchain, but you need crypto (token, smart Assets, etc) that you will give to your investors for their other crypto (coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XEM; or other tokens you accept).
  3. if your app do you use blocks and you do not want to make your own crypto token - this mean hat you do not need ICO. Do to a bank for a credit or open a deposit for community donations (croudfunding platforms like indiegogo, kickstarter).
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