Looking for the most relevant NEM resources to link to


We have a page for NEM with a lot of information. To make it even more valuable to our visitors, we would like to add the resources that this community finds most useful.

We will add the most popular suggestions in this thread. Thanks!
Current NEM page on Blockspot


It’d be a good idea to add faucet to get test tokens. Or mainnet if you wish too.

:arrow_upper_right: https://testnet.help/en/nemfaucet


Maybe the list of nem projects


This is a long list and very useful. Although is has not been updated for a couple months.
If no other suggestions come we’ll definitely add this as an extra resource.


The links summarized here are worth checking.


Thanks, we’ll look in to those!


We added the NEM NIS API Documentation link. Thats a very nice overview.


Though it’s the official name I would rename the nem red link to ‘nem red - main telegram group’ on your site or something. It’s the main group but the name makes that very unclear. Nem projects is basically a ghost town.

Also you’re linking to the wrong Twitter. It’s this - https://twitter.com/NEMofficial


Thanks for the feedback! Just changed it to ‘Telegram’ and put it above NEM Projects, since it’s the main chat.



You could add www.CryptoCashbackCoin.com referral link and earn 5 CCC:Coins a project on NEM.

This is for every ‘active’ members. Active means they start using Crypto Cashback Coin and earn over 5 crypto cashback coins.

This is the type of faucet. If you have any questions or require further information please let me know.

Best wishes,



Hi @aenima ,

Is this your website? Who is the editor of these lists?




Thanks for the cashback suggestion, but it’s not close enough to the NEM coin and developments.

So we won’t add this.


@ Sateetje


This list seems outdated (4 months ago since last commit).
For instance there is no mention to Nagit - NEM API Graphical Interactive Tool.

I think it should be added in tools.



You guys can do a pull im sure he will accp it


A complete list, that stays updated, would be very a useful link!