Looks like a Community Initiative

A kind of community program/suggestion was mentioned by Dave in a tweet from April 29th. As announced there, it appears to be released on time on May 10th. Here is a link to the said tweet:

Personally, I very much appreciate that NemGroup is thinking about how the community can be integrated and expanded. This is another approach in the right direction, a real strategy in this area is long overdue. I think you either have an excellent product or a strong community. In our case, of course, I hope that we will have both soon. I would be interested in what you would like to find in this plan?

Only 5 more days.


We already have heard those words when Alex (Who ended up destroying the community) was elected.

“We love community, we love NEM, we want to work with community, transarancy blablabla”

It ended up with Alex and her useless friend banning everybody on telegram or Twitter who dared saying “I dont agree with NEM Foundation” :slight_smile:

So I prefer wait and see what Dave will do instead of beeing happy now. (At least, Dave is educated so it is already 100x better than a Youtuber girl)


Personally, I think that the NEM Group has taken the right step. In the future, NEM Technology Development and NEM Community users are the core two parts of the NEM ecosystem.

No matter in the field of the Internet or blockchain, no matter which organization in the blockchain ecosystem, the user base is crucial. there is no development space without user base.

Therefore, for NEM, the overall situation of NEM users and self community construction will greatly affect the future development of the NEM.

Appreciate that NEM Group is able to refocus on the Community. Thanks for @DaveH 's work. Thanks for all the people who have contributed to NEM.


Saying that Alex destroyed the community is defamation.

Also, “not agreeing with NEM Foundation” isn’t (and never was) a sufficient reason to get banned anywhere, not even in an off-topic telegram channel. We are happy to hear every opinion, but when people insult or disrespect others, behave polemic or defamatory, that doesn’t have to be accepted.

Anyway, this is not the place to discuss this of course. I politely ask you do respect this. If you don’t, the forum might be the next place, where you will be banned.


To be fair, I feel a lot of people were ostracized by the previous Foundation ‘fanboys’ (apologies for lack of a better term) and some admins for daring to criticise. Even when they were able to provide substantial evidence to their claim, or when their predictions became reality. This led to polemical endeavours on both side of the coin.


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